Hero Siege “review”

My scoring & reviews explained HERE[desozone.wordpress.com]


+plenty of levels
+some interesting rouge-like artifacts
+okay art style
+plenty of classes


-lot of useless clutter content
-rather than rougelike it became over course of development subpar ARPG with pseudo rouge-like elements
-just generally gets dull rather fast


First time I played it few years ago it actually felt like rouge-like and offered some fun in the runs, with few cool artefact that gave you solid effects.

Now years later I played it again… and it seriously felt nothing like rogue like.. it just felt like clutter filled very bad ARPG. Anyhow, got boring rather quick and thus simply not worth my time.

isaac and risk of rain are 2 other rogue-like games that do superb job on their genre. (haven’t tried any of newer ones yet, like “dead cells” , “Neon abyss”, “hades” etc…)

Point being it… this game used to be much more fun, now it’s simply very mediocre ARPG with pseudo rouge-like elements that are useless.


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