Game “review” (Early Access) – Dungeons of Sundaria

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Review layout: STEAM
Review type: Game
Review format: Normal, lazy


✅ Dungeon crawler with lot of stats
✅ Few class options
✅ Mob visual design offers some variety
✅ Simple fun with friends for some time


❌ Weightless and dull combat
❌ World isn’t interesting
❌ Storytelling non-existence importance wise
❌ Mob sound design horrid
❌ Low replay value as there ain’t stuff that would keep it fresh
❌ Low value clutter looter
❌ A lot of annoying bugs


Of course this is early access game, so It needs A LOT OF POLISHMENT and new features to make this game viable fun. So, I’ll check back to it after few years and see If I’ll write a new review. But as of it’s current state I would not recommend it.

There are much better games to play. You will get some hours of fun with people in this game, but it will get stale really fast.

🌟 Total score: 5/10 🌟

Game status:
✅ Finished

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