Lewd game “review” – “A Room Where You Can’t Leave Unless You Cum 16 Times in One Second” by “Fusasuke Nyutsuki”

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Man… I’m not going to even bother with pros and cons on this one.

The only good part of this game was the live CG style and some interesting lewd scenes.

If I put aside translation available, the puzzle element was often quite obnoxious. Certain things you had to do in precise order that made no sense when it came to interaction. Certain boxes have to be interacted at specific moment for extra options to becomes available, if you touch them in prior, they do fuck all. In that regard game forces you to run back and forwards A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT.

Otherwise, it’s really odd and clunky game that offers you cool lab environment with some really interesting nasty and lewd machinery and random bollocks main girl has to go through in order to escape. I personally couldn’t be bothered to finish it as it was simply too tedious to play and even though lewd scenes were fairly unique. they weren’t as whole “hot” per say…

If same game would be remade in less clunky manner, less obnoxious puzzle solving method (puzzles can remain, just make it less obnoxious and don’t force to run back and forwards 500 times and make interactions have more logic and have some sort of menu for all stuff character interacted with that she “notes down”) …. And make all those ero scenes more proper. Then it would probably be a solid lewd escape puzzler.
Total Score: 4/10
Game status:
❌ Dropped

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