Anime “review” – Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta

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⬛Review (short ver):

⚡In a nutshell: Poor parents wallets. Awkward glasses breaking girl and awkward guy never blossoming love story.


✅Great GoHands unique Animation quality and style
✅Fairly cute moments?
✅Pleasant enough OST


❌Fairly frustrating nowhere moving romance
❌The awkward “romance” between odd characters a bit too exhausting to my taste
❌Found character dynamics rather poor
❌Side characters???????

Review (comments/longer ver):


A romance Anime that nuances about a girl that forgets her glasses..? I mean… A LOT. Yes she has some sort of mental defect that is moe’fied . Which for most part is rather cute, but that also means her future partner needs also be caretaker. Anyhow.. story, the idea for the most part was fairly interesting itself but somehow I found the that the whole storytelling somehow flopped hard. Lot of “cute moments” didn’t really get conveyed well enough for me nor much of happening in the story actually progressed anywhere for the most part. Story presented some moments that somewhat promised a concept of “progression” yet somehow managed to let down me as the viewer. Hard to explain without any spoilers. But somehow as far as slice of slice moeblobs go with bare minimum romance, I found this one rather lacking on every aspect when it comes to story telling and story development. Do I consider the story itself bad? No, but it definitely wasn’t any good. It’s okay enough if you like this sort of nuanced caretaker type of storytelling and are sold with this sort of “slapstick comedy?”.

Probably also should talk about the “romance” part as this is the romance Anime after all.. but I honestly cannot really comment much about romance progression. As for the most part I felt it was one sided romance jabbing with other side exploring it’s curiosity of another human being that eventually leads of self-realization. That is best way I can sum it up without giving too much away. So for the most part the “cute” moments weren’t particularly “cute” for me.


First things first. Main female lead is girl who forgets, breaks her glasses to an extreme level. She doesn’t compare to my horrible short time memory. And prescription glasses cost a lot of money.. so I feel bad for the parents. Aside that she is very lazy “my own pace” character which itself is cute stereotype but taken to an extreme level with her “issues” with forgetting I would say. Has her moe side, but I’m not big fan of her.

Whilst main male lead… isn’t much of a better character. You know those old school classic ecchi harem protagonists who don’t have balls for anything yet are degenerate to some extent, yet pull off when important stuff happens? Well.. he isn’t that… and in those Anime it works because of comical aspect. But in this Anime this guy seriously struggles … on so many levels whenever to whenever to do, say or not do, say something. So basically is extremely ball-ess, yet has some sort of odd superiority complex when it comes to main female lead character, yet acts like a creep in non ironic manner. Basically character that somehow tries to be old school stereotype but is modernized in some manner thus creating that really odd and unlikable character? At least for me.

Side characters????????? What happened to the writing there. I honestly, remember almost absolutely none of the side characters. They are like ghost characters. Few talked, but NPC A, NPC B…. that’s their worth pretty much.

✦Art & Sound

GoHANDS, enough said. If you like their Animation approach and style. Then this Anime won’t disappoint you when it comes to Animation. It has great quality and unique style as per usual. It can be at times head spinning inducing because of how heavily camera rotating and movement rich at the times GoHands makes their stuff, but nevertheless I loved the Animation itself.

Music and soundtrack in general as well was good enough. Some tracks were fairly pleasant and noticeable, nothing too amazing, but well enough and fitting for most occasions.

✦Enjoyment & Overall

It has interesting concept, great Animation, some cute moments but the characters kinda sucked, side characters were non existent and the whole story telling and progression felt fairly weak. But overall… I did enjoy my time for the most part even with the issues I had with this Anime. So barely 6 I would say.

⬛Total Score 6/10

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