Lewd game “review” – Bounty Hunter Kyoka by Hukidamari

Reviewing info: In a nutshell personal feelings/opinion >> “objective/critical” value. How I rate/review and other info is HERE
Review layout: Lazy/minimal format (others)
Review type: Game
Review format: Lewds
✅ Art is pretty good
✅ Scenes are okay
✅ Okay kink variety
✅ Simplified gameplay
✅ Defeat scenes are unlocked in gallery room on victory, so no need to save-scum to see defeat scene
❌ Simplified gameplay makes gameplay way too redundant
❌ Lot of interesting gameplay ideas are wasted
❌ They took great stereotype for female lead, and made it boring
Not going tom bother on commenting too much. But in a nutshell game had lot of neat gameplay ideas if they would have developed into proper game, but instead we got essentially linear scene viewer that had “game” attached to it. Combat I did with fast-forwarded auto combat where I had to actually manually do anything twice in the whole game. For dull combat/gameplay I liked the option of auto combat…

While the art itself was okay and scenes fairly hot, I guess? I felt that they really managed to mess up “quiet type” stereotype in such a boring manner. Scenes had some variety and defeat scenes were short and obtainable even on victory.

Anyhow… rest of the game was really average… some cool ideas, but really wasted in lazy game design. At this point I would simply prefer simple exploration scene viewer with progressive story. Other than solid art and fairly hot scenes, rest was either bad or mediocre.
Total Score: 5/10
Game status:
✅ Finished

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