Lewd game “review” – Carnal Desire

My scoring & reviews explained HERE

+nice art & animations
+cute girl
(+)pregnancy, stuck in wall, birthing fetish

-gameplay element is tedious microing
-not too many options

I’ll be honest.. I got annoyed by gameplay element in 15min. So I just cheated to unlock free mode. But long story short. Gameplay is basically, girl gets stuck in a wall, you use your action points to bang her, search the building for various tools. You use few tools and materials to keep her in check, fed and so that she wouldn’t be found. So game kinda forces you to play specific way, which is really tedious. I just want some good old H action.

H itself is fair enough. Not too many options, but nice art, greatly animated, some toys, nice xray vision and a rare occasion of pregnancy and birthing.

So do I recommend it? Kinda hit or miss, if you get it really cheap or for free. Then just cheat open free mode and have fun for 20min. Other than that, it’s not worth it.


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