Lewd game “review” – Young Woman Hazard by Kiki

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Review layout:  Other

Review type:  Game

Review format:  Lewds

 Adult patch requirement:  

() Yes

(X) No


Dlsite ver doesnt.


() Incoherently broken MTL/translation. Wait for better translation.

(X) Bad MTL/translation, but playable

() Polished enough MTL/translation

() Proper translation with minor issues

() Great translation / native

 1-H Playability: 

() No time for „fun“

() Lewd moments too short / irrelevant for „fun“

(X)Gameplay & “fun” ratio leans on gameplay too much

() Balanced gameplay and „fun“

() Mouse only experience


PROs & CONs:

✅ Lewd statistics

✅ Lewd body part „levels“

✅ Lewd sfx / voices (tiny bit of voice acting)

✅ Animated degeneracy

❌ Scenes too short to care

❌ Barely any proper scenes


It was an interesting hentai game for sure. But it barely has any kinks and proper scenes to care it being hentai games. You get short time of simple fun but no degen fun. But game has your degenerate states/titles you can check out and more lewd you do, more animation variations you get.


PROs & CONs:

✅ Resident Evil made into hentai game?

✅ Interesting premise and combat mechanics

✅ Boss fights

✅ Tad bit of puzzle solving of sorts.


I think the premise of how gameplay mechanic works is rather fun. Also this is pretty much resident evil approach gameplay/story progression wise. You explore map, you get key item, you backtrack, you open door. All that while collecting various notes to get some of game lore.

Difficulty & The Grind


No grind, mostly easy game. But final boss is absolute cancer.

 Game length & replay value:

(X) Very Short 1-3hr

() Short 3-10hr

() The Median 10-30hr

() Long 30+ hr

() Very Long 100+ hr


() Was pain to finish once / dropped

(X) One run fun

() Few runs to see all routes / options

() High replay value

 Story & Characters & Development: 

PROs & CONs:

✅ Interesting story premise

✅ Some nice plot points

✅ Likeable enough FMC

❔Cannot comment actual story quality though. MTL was too shitty to get proper understanding.

Visuals & Audio

PROs & CONs:

✅ Animated cgi

❌Meh artstyle

 Performance & Required Hardware:

(X) Stick a cable in your potato

() Low spec / average normal PC

() Have gamer PC to an extent

() High-end build

() NASA PC. likely utter garbage optimization or truly cutting edge high end

Total Score:  6/10  

Game status:

(x) Finished

() Dropped

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