Lewd game “review” – Avaria: Chains of Lust

+a bit more unique artstyle, fairly hot
+scenes are quite hot
+partially solid story setting
+gallery room with unlocking tips for post-game hunting
+no scenes from losing (love that)
+acceptable amount of scenes
+teleports between areas

-tease cliffhanger ending
-way too steep corruption steps
-enemies re spawn without room switch, tedious to constantly avoid them
-not much variety for scenes though

I mean.. I liked the art, scenes were hot, had solid straightforward context for setting & story. A stuckup bitch corruption, solid combo.

My main issue with the game was that corruption tiers/steps were too steep that kinda lost the purpose of the “corruption” as genre. It’s more of a stuck up whore, discovering what a slut she is with a little help.

Gameplay did annoy a bit me as well, i don’t like in RPGmaker games that enemies re-spawn without room change. It makes rather obnoxious if you quickly want get from point A to B, but thankfully game had teleporting.

So overall it was almost a good game. It’s good enough to recommend.


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