Lewd game “review” – Divagate by “nowloading”

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Review format: Lewds
✅ Unique and odd but quality artstyle
✅ Great OST & Music
✅ Hot scenes, tamed to reality
✅ Solid kink variety
✅ Unique story approach splitting to multiple perspectives
✅ Charming gameplaying with horror RPG vibes (puzzle solving to find key items to trigger key events)
✅ Gallery room with unlock switch
❌ NTR main focus (not fond of this tag personally….)
❌ Later chapters scene hunting tedious (lot of back & forwards running)
❌ Multiple endings, but no actual choices? (you can obtain endings in linear progression)
Oh well… since It’s NTR game I cannot comment whenever story was good or not. As I turn my brain off whenever I play/watch NTR/Cheating genre. Especially if story is good enough to grow into characters etc… as the angrier I get then. Anyhow, putting that aside I can tell that much about story that it’s probably good considering character dialogues herself are great and hot. Game offers multiple chapters from multiple perspectives with various plot twist elements. Although, which is weird even though game has multiple endings, but from what I understood they are obtainable in linear progression, because I didn’t really see any choices in my one and only playthrough. (I unlocked gallery simply after finishing first playthrough). Endings…. At least there was vanilla ending I guess?…. although it’s last obtainable ending.. first you have to see all NTR & bad ending per say…. Even without context was hard to digest them. Considering I somewhat skimmed through story as didn’t want to read into nor focus onto NTR happenstance. The usual… bullshittery happens in those stories.

Gameplay had it’s own charm… felt somewhat like playing horror RPGmaker game with the whole “run around in dark mansion solving puzzles and finding key items to trigger events”. So it was neat little balance of lewd content and gameplay. Simple but fun.

Lewd content itself was great, scenes were pretty hot, SFX was solid and dialogues were nice. Kink variety for the game setting was also solid. Nothing too crazy nor tame. Found it proper level for this type of game.

Also, visual style and design was somewhat odd at first, but in the end it had it’s own charm and pretty good quality. Plus game had surprisingly great soundtrack and music with ending song.

If game would been some other genre, where it wouldn’t guilty trip, moral trip or annoy me. I would probably have enjoyed it a lot more. But overall it’s one of the better hentai rpgmaker games.
Total Score: 7/10
Game status:
✅ Finished

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