Anime “review” – Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia

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⬛Review (short ver):

⚡In a nutshell: Insomniacs get busted, defend their sleep spot and fall in love.


✅Fairly believable love story
✅Sweet and gradual romance
✅Mostly likeable characters
✅Lovable interactions and moments
✅Somewhat relatable insomnia moments and thoughts


❌Sadly as per usual with romance genre, ends at early stages
❌Very “weak” insomnia approach

Review (comments/longer ver):


Considering romance is one of my all-time favorite genre especially pure romance. I found this fairly enjoyable and sweet in storytelling. It didn’t feel as dreamlike and felt more grounded to reality when it came to both character interactions, storytelling, drama and characters background and stuff they personally went though. Concept itself was rather simple, we get 2 characters that have issues sleeping during night and thus the issues that comes with that during daytime, health and overall, in life to some extent. And premise is about those 2 characters meeting and protecting their little comfort zone that somewhat gets out of hand. As the story revolves around their activities of astrology club, then it goes pretty good match with inability to sleep through night. Anyhow, their daily lives activities were presented quite fun, enjoyable with some drama to it whilst the whole time progressing the gradual obvious romance development. In somewhat very natural yet satisfying course without being overly “dramatized”.

Basically… can’t really complain when it came to slice of life romance story telling. It’s pretty “normal” but done in a really good way.


Well, what to say. Main male lead is a bit grumpy easily depressed fella who in the end gets stuff done who needed as he doesn’t really have much of a life thus easy to focus on school bullshittery. Female lead is overly bubbly and cheerful girl who has bad habit of hiding her problems inside. Yet both of them are kind and caring of people, especially those who are close to them. That would sum up our lead characters.

Other than that their development course and character dynamics are in my personal opinion as always fitting. Like always with romance or character dynamics I find it good match to have pessimistic person to have a partner that brightens their day and drags them around. As by the end those dynamics work in great balance, stability and each other’s support. And in this Anime, it worked quite a charm as well. Both sides got their support when needed and both grew on their own way.

Supporting cast had also quite various personalities whereas I liked most of them. Most of them had fairly unique traits with few of them having traditional stereotypes. Making great mix of side characters.

✦Art & Sound

Scenic art and music were great. Character design and overall art quality wasn’t anything too special nor bad. Not much else to add.

✦Enjoyment & Overall

I mean, what else to add. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot. It was sweet yet oddly “real but still PURE” romance, somewhat different feel of romance from usual “ideal” romance I’m used to watch from the distance, dreaming of chuckle. But in the end, it was great.
Probably only personal thing I could add was as someone who also has problems sleeping pretty much whole life… but well not really directly only during nights but overall. A lot of sleepless nights, restless nights, staring at ceiling nights, working shifts sleepless, spending most days awake grumpy, tired, attempting to rest eyes at work/school when awake throughout life, sleepless headaches, muscle pains, nausea etc…. I guess it was a bit interesting to see Anime in that related content. But yeah, don’t really have anything dreamy like them. I just power through or chug sleeping pills xD

In this Anime it seemed like they didn’t sleep at night, did night activities having fun. Doing day activty stuff whilst somehow managing doing quick power naps throughout the day… wish I could have such superpower.

⬛Total Score 8/10

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