Lewd game “review” – Kiara – The Knight of Icicles by “war shop”

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Review format: Lewds
✅ Solid art
✅ Great CG expression variety
✅ Solid scene variety
✅ No gameplay grind (scene hunter game pretty much)
✅ Scene unlock switch after finishing the game
❌ Story was pretty weak and overachieved with political complexity
❌ Items pointless in game
❌ Not big fan of absolute pushover FMC
❌ For in-combat and “combat lose” scenes you have to intentionally lose

I mean this “war shop” one of older games. I like this artist style a lot. It’s juicy and hot, but as far as “game” it’s pretty weak. As far as “characters” is empty and bland kinda like the elf game I played before, even less character in, seems with elf game developer did grow a bit. Story itself felt like it had quite some ideas, but somewhat fell apart as the whole political fiasco just at some point started to go over my head and started to feel kinda “off” at certain point. But as far as “scene hunter” type of ADULT game, it’s still pretty solid. So for little fun and enjoyment it does the job. If it wouldn’t be an adult game I would have for sure dropped it and rated much lower.
Wouldn’t call it a corruption game either to be honest. If anything, main character is just a closeted slut. For a “strongest warrior in the kingdom” she was such a pushover for the first tier of scenes. And the whole premise of “oh, you are in foreign country and a woman, so you might not be used how you might get treated here, but try to not create conflict there” or what ever BS she was told does not hold the excuse here. She was simply meek hoe who after few initial scenes was pretty much “you know what, this feels good, I’ll just go with it”.
Anyhow, it was overall still an “okay” adult game. The war shops nice juicy art and fun scenes carried this game a lot for me. And considering the next game was better and the developer newest game which I yet to play is considered even better, I’ve got my hopes up. Cuz I do love this art.
Total Score: 5/10
Game status:
✅ Finished

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