Lewd game “review” – Kingdom knight Regina: Noble female knight is eroded by lust by “Ochazukeya Sandaime”

Reviewing info: In a nutshell personal feelings/opinion >> “objective/critical” value. How I rate/review and other info is HERE
Review layout: Lazy/minimal format (others)
Review type: Game
Review format: Lewds
✅ Art is pretty good
✅ FMC hot & meaty
✅ Some pretty solid kink variety
❌ Quick scene hunter “game”
❌ CG variety is subpar (not much of actual visual changes)
❌ Gameplay kinda irrelevant
❌ Extreme fast paced “corruption”
❌ “story?”
Honestly… aside hot meaty female protag with some fairly good quality artstyle… this game had nothing to keep me intrigued. Everything else was just average or not worth the time… And even the good art was wasted because the actual scenes didn’t really shine anyhow as the CG didn’t really change much in scenes nor the dialogues made it any better. And what…. It took me around 20minutes to become full hoe-mode after I unlocked “free-roam?” … by simply doing few lewd events inside the city…. Nah……

I can’t be bothered… I’ll search for new game instead.
Total Score: 4/10
Game status:
❌ Dropped

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