Lewd game “review” – NDNL3-No Dog, No Life- by “sumisumi-dou”

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Review format: Lewds
✅ Solid voice acting
✅ Good CG art
❔ Solid “messed up in mind” scenes for those that are into (mindbreak essentially)
❔ Beast/dog focus for those who into it
❌ “Trainer” gameplay in visual novel disguise, felt kinda pointless
❌ Not big fan of this bizarre storytelling of molding together augmented reality to reality
❔ Somehow major “popular” beast “move” was not in this game
Well…. Somehow ended up on this genre I guess. As far I can tell the art was great, the scenes were feisty and voice acting for the most part was juicy.

The whole “trainer” element of gameplay felt kinda pointless to be honest. In the end it was still a visual novel. The “trainer game” freedom came mostly in the end. Where you essentially did stat grinding to find more visual novel story sequences. And finding some of those scenes is well damn tedious.

Also…. Okay I get the story concept is main character having weird ass virus, and her being closeted horndog because of that. So yay, very advanced augmented reality headset comes to save with some experimental tech. Dogs, kink she went with, sure weird flex, whatever do what you do. But still, having unlimited budget, no one suspecting anything, her moaning day and night in her solo room, okay no problem. But common, for rich isolated virus carrying ojou-sama I highly doubt no one would come to check on her and I kind of felt they forgot about the premise at some point. But whatever, it’s a short adult visual novel, who needs depth and sense to story.

Were not big fan of how bizarre the whole AR and reality molding together went with her as well.

But for short visual novel about such fetish, I guess it was, okay? So, I’ll score it leniently for now. Not really my interest.
Total Score: 6/10
Game status:
✅ Finished

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