Lewd game “review” – TStudent Life -Summer Vacation with a TS Girl- by “HachiHachiDanuki”

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Review format: Lewds
✅ Mostly vanilla
✅ Plenty of outfit options
✅ Neat pixel art game
✅ Unlocking everything isn’t that hard
✅ All things considering, it’s cute enough
❌ Maybe more scene variety
❌ Fairly static pixel art
This game probably has the dumbest overview I’ve read. (where I got the game from). But in a nutshell, its mostly vanilla game about one of the characters getting genderbent into female both physically and eventually mentally. That essentially ends up playing like any of other “point-and-click” adult adventure games. Where you do daily activities, progress events, buy outfits and other items whilst hunting for all sorts of fun debauchery. By mostly vanilla I mean game does have few elements that are NOT VANILLA and some simply activities her being rather lewd. But technically, most BAD stuff can be avoided.

Goal is simple, support her making horny. And waifu shall be the future.
It’s fairy short and enjoyable few hours game. Game good vibes of “do you have akira points” or “life with slave”, pretty wholesome overall.

Honestly, for such short game and style, I don’t know what else to say.
Total Score: 8/10
Game status:
✅ Finished

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