Game “review” – Resident Evil Revelations 2

My scoring & revi

ews explained HERE


+All around improvement from the first game (gameplay, visuals. designs)
+loli sidekick
+double the collectibles for those who like..
+apparently 2 endings
+more playing less movies


-absolute wasted chance for online COOP (only splitscreen variant)
-soloing duo characters here rather annoying (game feels like built for coop..)
-ai pretty shit
-that damn ugly and extremely awkward DOF filter…. my eyes hurt.


Moira DLC is essentally wave survival. Loved the old man bickering.
Natalia DLC is essentially stealth sneaking. Her story cutscenes were cute enough.
Rest of game modes didn’t touch.

As for game overall and main story comments. It’s essentially all around improvement. Visuals, voice acting, sound design, enemy design, boss fights, game mechanics. Only thing I liked less was story. Kinda moronic test/play grounds type of survival. Dialogues were kinda fun.. but the main running story I wasn’t fond of. I loved that zombies actually had designs this time… and actual variations. First game zombies felt like chalk sketches… they were all the same with no impact, but this time around gunplay had impact and zombies reacted much better.

The damn AI sucked balls tho. I had so often moments where my partner got somewhere stuck, jumped off high places, then ran against wall and eventually teleported to me. Game feels it’s designed for coop where solo play AI was afterthought. I didn’t bother char switching.. too annoying, did it only when was required. So one part of collectibles I skipped entirely.

Honestly…. all things considering it was improvement to Rev 1 ….. but fun factor remained pretty much same for me. So if rev1 was weak 6, then this is strong 6.


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