Lewd game “review” – Reincarnated as a Succubus by “Nakayoshi Honpo”

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Review type:  Game

Review format:  Lewds


✅    Cute FMC

✅    Some nice outfits

✅    Nice art

✅    Okay’ish scenes

✅    Gallery room, degen stats ja levels

✅    Some useful tools (can disable pregnancy, can disable street rapists etc….)

✅    No combat


❌    Very random, not really corruption game as you literally become succubus who succs around

❌    Underwhelming as no „progressioon“ with scenes

❌    Meh endings

❌    No official translations (played MTL)

❌    Not much of CGI variation


Not much to add. I liked the main chick visually. She was cute and started as shy introverted girl. But succubus lewd scenes progressed way too fast. Other than that… I recommend trying something else. This can work as quick fun, but with selection out there, I would recommend skipping this one.

Total Score:  5/10  

Game status:

✅ Finished

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