Lewd game “review” – Object Control by Mico

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✅    Gallery

✅    Interesting concept

✅    Better than actual SCP

✅    Interesting creature design

✅    Okay’ish Animated loops

✅    Hilarious physics

❔    Creatures voice/language is horrifying

❔    Birth giving for those who like


❌    Clunky controls are infuriating

❌    Heavy rape orientation (and for progress)

❌    Progression is extremely confusing (had to look up, you have to give birth to various creatures X amount of times to trigger events that unlock new sections of map)

❌    Physics can fuck you up, I think at some point I got mass raped as I kept ragdolling into new enemies, so I were stuck inbetween like 20 creatures and couldn’t go away as every time scene ended, I got ragdolled across the room into another creature.


I remember playing one of the SCP’s a long time ago. But remember rage quitting it as I tend to get lost in such games and then for hours aimlessly running in same areas… with this game it was similar… but at least was balanced with degeneracy elements.

It was funny game to play and stream, but not really a “fap” game one would say. You too busy to enjoy the H aspect. Mostly you just rush, find new creatures, see it’s animation variations, rinse and repeat.

But it was okay looking game. Had some pseudo lore, interesting monsters (that fucking panda). Some pseudo voice acting and also odd ending. But as far as 3D hentai games go that I have played… it had its charm, but clunky AF controls were probably the most horrendous part of this game. Confusing progression was it’s second issue.

I would recommend playing actual SCP for the game element. Or find entirely another game for hentai element. This is a clunky mix of both.

Total Score:  5/10  

Game status:

✅ Finished

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