Lewd game “review” – Rumina and the Hypnosis Cult by “StudioNAZE”

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Review layout: Lazy/minimal format (others)
Review type: Game
Review format: Lewds
✅ Some okay kink ideas
✅ Concept of hypnosis is neatly done at least
❌ Very lazy design
❌ Art and scenes feel step down from previous game (not quality, but overall feel/design)
❌ Lazy writing and world
❌ Lazy CG room
❌ Characters are rather meh
❌ Pointless skill menu…
Honestly…. Probably the worst StudioNAZE game I’ve played as of yet. And I think I’ve played most of them? I don’t know….. somehow art felt worse (not quality, just feel/style/design), the writing and the scenes felt pretty disappointing and nothing was particularly “hot” per say… although even though the concept of mass hypnosis was again nice tackle from studionaze as it’s not their first rodeo, but this one simply felt lacking in every manner. The “skill tree” felt extremely irrelevant, should have sticked with just progressive linear “passive unlock titles” and even the CG room recollection room was rather odd.

We essentially get another rerun of town/city being mass hypnotized into being done doing lewd things. But instead like with Sonia where outside investigator gets caught up with all of it, we get this time inside living people getting subtly caught into hypnosis and “suspecting people” getting dealt in more extreme manners whenever with hypnosis or other ways. But nevertheless, our protagonist… journey in investigating and dealing with the problem becomes rathe pointless. But whatever the story… It’s a lewd game how good is the lewd stuff? It’s still kind of bland, even with lacking pretext the run ups to the scenes with how the whole scenes play out and the presented art it just feels rather lacking.

In short…. From this artist, on hypnosis genre I would rather recommend Sonia instead. That game at least I found rather enjoyable. This I lost interest 1hr into and just rushed through by the end…
Total Score: 4/10
Game status:
✅ Finished

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