Lewd game “review” – Strip Knight Nymphoria by “midnight pleasure”

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Review type: Game
Review format: Lewds
✅ Has voice acting
✅ Art is pretty okay
✅ Okay amount of scenes
✅ Solid gallery room
✅ Gameplay element seemed okay (straightforward and not obnoxious)
✅ Defeat H scenes unlocked in gallery room even if you win a fight
❔ Exhibitionism main focus regarding main lead so scenes built around that kink
❌ I personally didn’t like main lead personality at all… awkward and annoying and her voice acting didn’t make it better
❌ With character personality scene value was really iffy and didn’t like them for most part
❌ The story element outside the “magical girls” context is really odd
Art was good, scenes seemed okay in quality. Game had voice acting and story/world seemed to be had some effort put into.

But honestly… I simply couldn’t get into the main character which was my main reason for dropping this game. She reminded me of “watamote” anime main character… really awkward and not in cute nor enjoyable manner. And simply because of that I couldn’t enjoy her dialogues, her scenes or any of her interactions. So, in a nutshell she simply wasn’t my cup of tea which plays a big role in hentai games. If you don’t like the main character who you will have spend hours with… then there won’t be much fun with the game.

But for hour or two I played, world seemed to have some effort put in, so it’s not your average hentai game. There is actually some quality to it. Both world story setting, story it self and characters seem to have their own quirks. Gameplay is made rather simple and straightforward, which for H games works. Nothing too complex, nor made too dull. Proper gallery room as well which is nice.

Although what was odd comedic relief aspect probably… was the story non magical girls fights related running story. The whole “pervy grandfathers looking like detective conan looking professors” was such a weird thing… well wasn’t my humor at least.

It’s probably good game if you like extremely awkward female stereotype with hardcore exhibitionism kink… and enjoy simple gameplay… But I personally simply couldn’t be bothered.
Total Score: 5/10
Game status:
❌ Dropped

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