Anime “review” – Watashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijou

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⬛Review (short ver):

⚡In a nutshell: Ojou-sama get’s somewhat reverse bullied into lesbian submission?


✅Cute “bully” type yuri romance
✅gradual yuri acceptance
✅Otome game world plot rejection (sod off pretty boys)
✅I approve that degen FMC


❌Not really fond of bunch of aristocratic self-righteous pricks stereotypes
❌Magic fights/design is really boony (I know it’s not focus at all.. but damn… It was so basic)

Review (comments/longer ver):


Pretty fun isekai concept, it became a running trend at some point but nevertheless pretty fun. Otome isekais I mean. This time we get lesbian office woman getting stuck into otome game, but instead of hunting for her prince charming in her favorite game. She hunts for her favorite main villainess. Anime mostly prevails at fun character dynamic between main characters. The degenerate overly attached female lead who gets off by any sort of attention by villainess and the villainess who is not sure how to react to main lead reactions. Thus, creating that cute dynamic where the bullied girl reactions somehow end up bullying the bully. While that is the main focus, the Anime itself has some sort of running background story as well that runs alongside the „otome game“ of the world. Although, some events do happen in the Anime. Creating few rather important events that affect the villainess, but most important events seem will happen later on in the story for what sequel will be required.

Also… probably Important bit… that I personally didn’t care and forgot for most part. Since main lead character is also „protagonist“ of that „otome game world“ … she obviously has to deal with the approaching harem of pretty boys. Meaning… deny their approaches etc… because well. Obviously, she has eyes only for villainess. But as told… it somehow becomes very irrelevant… To a point I ask myself „kinda random flex to make it plot theme? “

But anyhow… the story itself is probably pretty average I would say… but what made this Anime amazing was simply the lovable character interactions which seemed like main focus,


Main lead character is essentially lesbian degenerate game who is really into game world chicks. So, getting reincarnated into game world where her waifu is dream come true. Although she still has some moral compass to not use game knowledge to tame her love interest and some other self-imposed rules that causes her self-grief and pain. Thus, what else to do that everything to make the love interest happy and hide behind personality of goofy jester.
The love interest is self-righteous aristocrat who pain in the arse personality with harsh and annoying words thinking herself the best. That is the façade she decided to grow up and stay with to show herself being strong willed and from prestigious family…

That’s the characters theme the Anime rolls with. It starts cute and fun, mostly being silly not-serious romcom whilst over time starting to roll over to more serious drama by slowly unveiling true feelings and thoughts of main characters and how they deal with their issues and personalities. In that regard rather than character growth, it’s more of self-realization and acceptance journey, which honestly was cute and fun to watch.

Rest of side characters honestly… I found that they sucked for the most balls. Somewhat low-tier otome game stereotypes. Lot of obnoxious aristocratic types. Overly courteous, overly self-righteous, overly overzealous overly “prince charming” types etc… In lot of Otome type of Anime they are usually done in more smoother manner… and probably I guess more depth? But since this is light-hearted slapstick comedy otome-esque… thus making those stereotypes rather bland… it made those same characters also rather boring and tedious.

But anyhow…. Overall I did enjoy a lot main characters interactions and their progress and growth and changes in relationship over course of series.

✦Art & Sound

Visuals are vivid and pleasant to look at. Style and quality are for most part pretty good with few noticeable odd quality drops or oddities. Music/OST for the most part was as well pleasant and fitting, but nothing too special or worthwhile.

✦Enjoyment & Overall

As whole what made this Anime a great enjoyment for me was rather adorable character interactions that blossomed into rather cute romance in a sense. Whilst the story was somewhat average and the magic presentation sucked balls and the side characters I didn’t like. The vibrant visual presentation and simply joy to look and listen to main character bickering and simply episodic activities, made it a lot of fun and relaxing enjoyment. Especially with that self-realization drama and unveiling of feelings.

⬛Total Score 8/10

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