Lewd game “review” – Agent Mirai and the Submission Machines by “Mediocre Umaaji Lady II”

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Review type: Game
Review format: Lewds
✅ Good animations
✅ Cool contraptions
✅ Great hot facial expressions
✅ Fairly hot bizzarro “trainer”
❔ Got intriguing story/world building I guess
❌ Story and thematic not my cup of tea
❌ 0 voice, not even moans
❌ Does lose its charm rather fast, but thankfully rather short game
I mean there isn’t much to add. It’s 3D animated trainer game with focus on toys and machines. A spy gets caught and your job is to get information through pleasure. It offers certain story twists… but eh.. the story thematic and all the scientists’ views and reactions weren’t really my cup of tea. All though main girl was somewhat hot and interesting, her reactions got as well odd and bland. Although the game had great 3D animations, it having 0 voices, the least moans would been great addition… Machinery was interesting at least.

Otherwise by the time I unlocked TIER3 machinery/toys I pretty much lost interest in the game and just pushed through… but I guess reasoning would be bizarro scientific sci-fi odd story that I didn’t really like. And character reactions to most elements of story just didn’t feel any good.

This game is unique when it comes to its machinery, memory extraction method and good 3D Animations. Rest of it either was lacking or simply not my taste.

So, if you like concept of implanted “souls” into artificial bodies and “sex trainers” in form of toys of and scientific machinery with good 3D Animations and don’t mind lack of any voices & moans. Then give it a try.
Total Score: 6/10
Game status:
✅ Finished

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