Lewd game “review” – Until new wife Chloe falls by “StudioVR”

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Review type: Game
Review format: Lewds
✅ Art looks pretty pleasant
✅ Her dialogues between her and husband are nice touch
✅ Outfit options
✅ Solid kink/scene variety
❌ Gameplay sucks
❌ Not many scenes total & in-scene changes
❌ Scenes have no weight, all the lewds that happen have no weight to the character or story whatsoever, especially scenes in dungeons.
❌ No proper translation when I played
❌ Overall lifeless game/scene hunter
I don’t personally have anything against AI art & such as long they are properly used and such. Using AI generated stuff needs skill on its own, so AI stuff has its own charm.
But sadly, aside nice-looking art, everything else with this game was pretty bad. It’s NTR game where most of scenes are pointless and weightless. All the stuff that happens in dungeon, has no effect in story or game whatsoever. All “work” events themselves are kinda nice, but sadly also weightless as her after-reactions thoughts about what happened are in a nutshell “aww… this happened, can’t tell to my husband. Moving on to the next scene/day.” So once again, lifeless and pointless. Although you can entirely skip the dungeon part of the game (which is game feature) … but yeah.
Long story short, very dull and lifeless game. Aside fairly nice looking AI art it has no value thus doesn’t even work as a “material” game.
Total Score: 4/10
Game status:
❌ Dropped

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