Lewd game “review” – The Dungeon of Lulu Farea (by Galaxy Wars) & Demon World Country Frel Hades

Chill Guy on Twitter: "Finished up Demon World Country Frel Hades /  Florehades / フレルハヂス, the sequel to Lulu Farea. Played on normal again and  it was another fairly solid TotS-like, though

Note: See extra comments.

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Review layout: STEAM
Review type: Game
Review format: 🔞Lewds

💗 Adult patch requirement: 💗

✅ Yes
🔲 No
Steam version has cut content, although made in newer game engine. DLsite wolfrpg version, which I ended up playing. Has more content, censor blur removal patch, but needs fantranslation which is superior to official one and runs on older engine, so it looks worse.


🔲 Incoherently broken MTL/translation. Wait for better translation.
🔲 Bad MTL/translation, but playable
🔲 Polished enough MTL/translation
✅ Proper translation with minor issues
🔲 Great translation / native

💗1-H Playability:💗

🔲 No time for „fun“
🔲 Lewd moments too short / irrelevant for „fun“
❌ Gameplay & “fun” ratio leans on gameplay too much
🔲 Balanced gameplay and „fun“
🔲 Mouse only experience


✅ Gallery Room
✅ Post-game / NG+ cheat tools
❌ Lewd statistics
❌ Lewd body part „levels“
✅ Scene guidelines (tips in gallery room & icons at locations)
PROs & CONs:
✅ Fair amount of scenes
✅ Oddly “wholesome” ?
✅ Cute monster girls
❌ No much CG variation. Long scripts simply.
❌ Fairly tame kinks wise


PROs & CONs:
✅ Intriguing gameplay style
✅ Cheatroom to not bother with puzzling element
❔Puzzle gameplay
❌ Reward-gameplay ratio leans too much to gameplay for H game
❌ Gameplay is unique but got quickly tedious for me
Some scenes are back-to-back put some are far apart. I felt this gameplay simply didn’t make it worthwhile to hunt for scenes… But thankfully there is a cheat room that gives you stuff to bypass puzzling aspect. So you can just brute force through for scenes. Or… be lazy fuck like me and get full savegame and check out the gallery.

So I don’t recommend this game if you want simply lewds…. but I recommend this game if you want high-effort pseudo-puzzle gameplay with rewarding long scripted 2nd+ scenes that are cute. So if put it recommended or not…. I would lean to not.. but eh..

Difficulty & Grind:

Can be rather difficult and grindy. If you want to get your highscore and play through legit you need to do dungeon levels in specific manner. If you fucked up and lock yourself out with resources you either have to load save / start over or simply make use of cheat room and lose your high score system. Puzzling is essentially playing through levels in certain order to not run out of keys and stuff. So if you abide puzzling goal… it can be rather difficult.
Other than that gameplay is rather straightforward…. And does force you to grind to some level.

Game length & replay value:

🔲 Very Short 1-3hr
✅ Short 3-10hr
🔲 The Median 10-30hr
🔲 Long 30+ hr
🔲 Very Long 100+ hr
❌ Was pain to finish once / dropped
🔲 One run fun
🔲 Few runs to see all routes / options
🔲 High replay value

Story & Characters & Development:

PROs & CONs:
✅ Cute monster girls with cute 2nd scenes
✅ Girls stereotypes are fun and cute
✅ Game takes comedy approach script’wise. So, if matches humor, it’s pretty good.
❔The running story is okay I guess…
❌ Unlikeable MC. I found him rather annoying and unpleasant.
What can I say. The “you” character is annoying cunt who takes on a legendary dungeon in order to get some monster girl bitches instead of power/status & treasure. You equip your buy 2 win armor and get fucked like pussy and have to fight your way up all over.
That is the premise and summary in a nutshell.

Visual & Audio:

PROs & CONs:

✅ Cute art
❌ Rest is meh

Performance & Required Hardware:✅ Stick a cable in your potato
🔲 Low spec / average normal PC
🔲 Have gamer PC to an extent
🔲 High-end build
🔲 NASA PC. likely utter garbage optimization or truly cutting edge high end

Price-worth:Full price when wrote review:11EU

🔲 Not worth even for free
🔲 Get on -80% to -90% sale
✅ Get on -60% to -70% sale
🔲 Get on -30% to -50% sale
🔲 Full price is fair enough
🔲 Full price if want to throw extra funds to devs face

Extra comments:

I put 2 reviews under one as they essentially give off same feel , same first scene pseudo-forced and 2nd wholesome with running gag storytelling… art style pretty much same, maybe a bit improved and gameplay element is also pretty much the same thing. You get scenes from first game characters and scenes with new characters. Some scenes are rather weak, some are solid enough.

But game overall feels parody on both games. Both scene progression and script wise…

🌟 Total score: 🌟 6/10

Game status:
🔲 Finished
❌ Dropped – did check the gallery tho

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