Lewd game “review” VN Euphoria


  • great art
  • females fully voiced
  • intriguing story
  • plenty of scenes
  • plenty of routes
  • variety of kinks
  • great options sreeen
  • comfortable re-playablity
  • various stereotypes of characters to enjoy


  • kinks not my cup of tea (torture, scat, extreme piss, odours, stink plays, pain plays,..)
  • confusing story reveals. (finished most routes and I’m still not sure wth is that building or what happened with characters


I’ll try to keep it short… I haven’t played too many VN’s.. mostly shorter mid-tier hentai ones, so this is pretty much my first proper AAA quality VN that was fairly lengthy to my taste. I did eventually lose focus and started skipping a lot of text.. I get bored of reading no matter what are the contents.. idea of reading just gets tedious.

Anyhow, essentially we get a visual novel that is mixture of a horror movies Saw and Cube, but porn edition of course. Characters wake up in a weird ass institution, where they have to do various acts in order to progress and survive. That part of the story is straightforward. As the story goes on, you learn about characters, get closer to them in bonus games whilst keep thriving for escape….still fairly simple. Now from there on.. story gets really weird and confusing…. where I had hard time understanding of how much was real there and character growth/progression also went all over the place from there on forwards…. So moral of the story is, even though it gives you fair bit of mystery, horror and enjoyment, it also becomes way too questionable and confusing so best I could do was fit the gaps to my liking.. but as whole… it went just a bit too tedious for my taste.

Characters… well we have great kind caring teacher, spoiled little brat, classical loving childhood friend, a quiet one and a thot with screw looses. Each of them have their pros and cons and for the most part most routes give enough of story about them to grow into them or hate them… and most of them get enough attention with scenes and plot points. So as far character quality goes, I think they were pretty great.

Lewd aspects… well.. it had some great fap material.. but at the same time… mid-scene or some scenes as whole kinda started gutting me slowly where I lost the mood…. also.. their voice acting after certain break-points became something of a comical value where just noises were ridiculous.. but overall had some fun time and had some bad time. I’m not exactly into extreme stuff like that…

Overall.. I think this VN offers plenty of intrigue with story, some interesting kinks and scenes to dwell into and character options and routes offer some fun for everyone.

One thing I loved was the functionality… selected options were marked, so you could easily skip dialogues of stuff you already seen. Great options menu with plenty of options for saving, game functionality and good sound settings… gallery, scene etc… menus were also nice to have.


Would given higher if kinks were up to my taste and story wouldn’t become overly complicated.

Also damn.. seriously need overhaul my reviewing system for various stuff for better organizing…

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