Lewd game “review” – Detective Girl of the Steam City

How long is Detective Girl of the Steam City? | HowLongToBeat

My scoring & reviews explained HERE[desozone.wordpress.com]


+Sherlock Holmes approves this daughter.
+steampunk detective setting
+some interesting gameplay mechanics
+good CG
+plenty of scenes
+fair amount of different kinks
+2 endings
+recollection room scene unlock tips
+useful recollection room once game beaten once
+Detective aspect rather fun and makes storytelling more enjoyable (if you into detective stuff)
+some neat side character scenes with CG
+good translation


-too steep corruption to my taste
-not into tomboys


Mr. Holmes would be proud of his daughter Sophie and her quick wits and ability of deduction and use of surroundings. And of course, great use of her own mind and body.

Rest I pretty much told in pros and cons… have nothing to add. Another great Clymenia game with great female CG, plenty of scenes, some great kink variation and on top of that fairly fun storytelling and more enjoyable gameplay than usually off H-rpg’maker games.


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