Lewd game “review” – Witch Trainer: Silver Mod [v1.39.4]

My scoring & reviews explained HERE

+very hot
+really pleasant corruption game
+character customization dependent on their corruption level + their reaction on clothes they deny to wear
+entertaining storytelling and world
+few characters to play with
+plenty of useful other goods n tools
+mood system
+MC development
+hermonie is such a slut :p
+solid art

-in development, so not finished
-gets repetitious & grindy in a way
-corruption favor level ups cause too steep personality changes

I mean what I’m going to add. It’s a rather lewd and hot game about Harry Potter girls, with solid sense of humor and plenty of gameplay elements. I do hope this game get’s eventually fully finished. Will surely replay it then.

Lot’s of fun and very hot.


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