Lewd game “review” – Ideology In Friction

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My scoring & reviews explained HERE


+solid anime’esque story
+a lot of scenes
+multiple routes
+lot of scene variations depending on your character “stats”
+odd but interesting OST (I think I actually heard Russian song in it) & song variation
+solid CG
+females voice acted
+Sachiyo voice acting in scenes 🙂
+quality of life options after finishing game once


-way too sudden change/corruption if you go “dark” route
-unskippable credits
-DLC content not really worth the price


What can I add. Took me a while to finish this game. Did 2 routes, couldn’t be bothered doing rest of them nor hunting for scene variations. Yes, story is solid but tbh I’m not exactly fond of long hentai stories. That’s why I’m not playing H-games. Great scenes, some setting, character traits etc.. is enough. The more you get attached to story, the less I wanna see any scenes.

Art & sound & scenes & variations etc.. are also rather solid. DLC offers few extra scenes and backstory basically, not enough content to be worth full price though.

In the end Oni & Blade is still my fav oneone game. This is good, but eh..


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