Sonia and the Hypnotic City “review”

Note: My “review” is general overview of a game and with heavy weight on how much I enjoyed it rather than “critical/objective” rating. In another words my “review” is PERSONAL ENJOYMENT + a bit of “critical” rating/comments.

+great art
+nice detail/effects for eyes
+A lot of scenes and CG
+plenty of kinks
+rather well done hypnosis hentai game (plus items in inventory to know under what effects is character)
+fair enough corruption course with hypnosis speeding
+rather enjoyable storytelling/plot
+very straightforward, simple and essentially a VN

-wasted combat mechanic which I really liked as game is more of a visual novel than game

First things first. I like “natural” corruption much more than anything else. Meaning I’m not exactly fan of hypnosis as it ruins character since their brain is bent towards however hypnosis caster wants the person to be. But anyhow, I did enjoy a lot the slower course of hypnosis that essentially was rather strong blend of corruption and hypnosis. There were plenty damn hot CGs and the method how eventually our FMC started corrupting and drawn towards lust was pretty hot and fun. Although with dirtier end-route, I feel it suddenly picked up the pacing too much….whilst her arousal, dripping hole and perverted mind got drawn towards the “hole” was pretty neat.

Also I did love how there were plenty of scenes where FMC had rather nice details to her eyes.

Long story short. Pretty hot game and managed to enjoy even though I’m not exactly the biggest fan of hypnosis genre. As I’m vanilla fanatic, then anything other than vanilla needs very specific approach for me to enjoy something.


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