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⬛Review (short ver):

⚡In a nutshell: Socially awkward lesbo idiot stalks wizard to magical world


✅Cute magical girls
✅Storybooks magic designs
✅Strong side still being cute girls doing cute stuff


❌Story feels fairly weak
❌Rest of the most part feels meh

Review (comments/longer ver):


The “serious” part of the story felt the most moronic part somehow. Half of the time the “round table” hags purpose and what they were doing felt just pointless and questionable, the “big villain” purpose and existence was the same. Most plot elements felt like “premises/themes” for general gist/idea but without actual story. So as far as serious plot points went, they were pretty bad.

But the cute girls doing cute stuff, their school life drama and character interactions story telling and such was pretty pleasant and enjoyable.

What I did like a lot was how they decided to go with magic designs. Magic powers are essentially designed, idea/concept wise after various story books. “Cinderella, little red riding hood, match girl” etc…. Various culture story books essentially. Which as concept was pretty neat.


I mean we have plenty of cute stereotypes, but I were not particularly big fan of the main character. Didn’t mind her social awkwardness and closeted yuri aspect. But damn, she was such a damn idiot. We had a side kicks idiots as well, which seems to be running theme. But overall there are plenty of cute characters but sadly not all of them get enough screen time. While the “Japan” school characters get the main focus and for the most part enough time to grow into them, other characters are pretty much dice roll.

Overall… once okay as whole the “character” side was okay. Nothing too amazing nor would say particularly bad.

✦Art & Sound

Ending video nice I guess. But yeah, Animation, music, OST etc… was okay I guess. For the genre and content we got it was fitting enough. Nothing too impressive.

✦Enjoyment & Overall

In the end I did enjoy it for the most part. Although the serious part of the story was quite iffy and lacking and everything else felt fairly average, but as whole it had it’s own charm which made it enjoyable cute magical girls doing cute stuff with cool magic type of Anime. And I have a habit rating Anime a bit higher usually people do. Would I recommend it? Eh… I’m neutral on it, like that type of genres and content, watch it, otherwise, find something better.

⬛Total Score 6/10

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