Elder Scrolls Online “review”



+grand story, lot of lore
+a lot is fully voice acted
+large world with plenty of activities
+great visuals and music


-scaled leveling
-dull combat
-meh “fashion” options


Didn’t play game enough to explore most of it’s features. But I can tell you that much. 2 things pushed me away from this game rather harshly.

First of all the combat. I got tired of spamming LMB to a point I felt like making macro for attacking. Everything was so spongy, and I felt absolutely no progress of becoming stronger. Yay I got more passives and skills but absolutely nothing changed. Very dull and weightless combat.

Secondly.. the whole gimmick of “level scaling” that lot of big mmos nowadays for some reason succeed in. I simply cannot comprehend it. I love in MMOs or RPGs in general becoming overpowered.

For example, at a weak low level player. Encounter some sort of tough elite enemy or new zone with tough corners. Where normally I die a lot or back off to grind for those areas or win with great difficulty. That feeling of accomplishment is very pleasant. Now let’s say, hundreds of hours have passed through content with it’s challenges, hard work and most likely grind. you return to that “memorable, damn this was difficult area/enemy” and TADAAA.. U simply use 1 AoE spell or whatever just to wipe the whole zone out of frustration. You are now a god. Applaud. That is what I love. I can return to lower level enemies.

But with scaling system.. that level 1 slime will be barely weaker after 50000 hours into the game. (yes skills, passives, better gear etc.. will make easier.. but still progression becomes rather irrelevant.)

To make lower level zones relevant at higher levels without scaling…there are many methods. Crafting/gather, world bosses, events, unique npc/s currency grinds for fashion or what so ever… and so on.

With scaling.. everything just becomes fancy walking sim where everything is a sponge no matter what level and gear.

Moral of the story is I do not appreciate whole scaling system at all. It simply takes away from me one big portion of what I like in RPGs… which is that after long playtime and effort and grind I except to become god eventually. (obviously challenge will remain to end-game content, which is usually fun dungeoneering and raids.)

Long story short. Screw scaling system. I’m done with this game.

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