Lewd game “review” – Tower Of Waifus 2

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My scoring & reviews explained HERE[desozone.wordpress.com]


+waifu harem
+lewds with waifus
+has voice acting
+can skip puzzles or have the tips on screen…


-too cheesy
-characters, story, music are essentially much weaker version of OG Helltaker.. pretty much Helltaker parody game.


Plays like helltaker but this time Waifus are the actual plot waifus. You get in gallery lewds with them…. but aside that it’s pretty cheap knockoff off helltaker… having voice acting was nice touch, but damn, cheese is real. I finished it.. was fun enough for a hour.

For 1EU for a bit off puzzling and cheesefest with some lewd scenes with even more cheese… sure go for it. I’m neutral on this game.. I mean I finished it,


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