Anime “review” – Shinmai Renkinjutsushi no Tenpo Keiei

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⬛Review (short ver):

⚡In a nutshell: I Am NoVIcE ALcheMIST


✅Very relaxing and cute
✅Cute girls doing cute stuff and Alchemy combination done right
✅surprisingly good alchemy genre, if it remembers that part


❌wish they wouldn’t forget being alchemy genre at times

Review (comments/longer ver):


I mean, there isn’t much to really talk about story. We have a premise, where young girl had a situation in a life, had a lucky encounter, had strong innate ability and then everything got served on a silver plate. We pretty much got a cute girl managing a alchemy store on a country side with cute girls, creating cool stuff with sometimes cool logic and we have the whole alchemy fiasco. Material gathering, magic infusion, making stuff and so on. Whilst just chilling around, talking, doing nothing and occasionally having few challenges. I mean it’s nothing serious, it’s just relaxing, fun and enjoyable to watch.
Only gripe I have is that although the alchemy aspect itself is pretty fun when they actually focus on that, at some points it feels they kinda forget about the alchemy aspect and get lazy about it. But when they actually show early on and at some later episodes the alchemy element, it’s actually pretty fun. Gets me into mood to play one of atelier games.


We have cute and cheery cast, with few more mature side character stereotypes. But for the most part it’s a bright group of friends enjoying their daily lives at alchemy store. Growth is pretty much them getting closer and we learning a bit about their past and them growing a bit better managing their store and giving ideas to thrive better. What else do you need from this genre?

✦Art & Sound

As far as animation and art itself goes, nothing too special. Not bad nor amazingly good, it is just good enough for the genre and the contents of the show. Didn’t feel like it needed particularly “better” anything. But I did quite like the sound design. The choices for soundtrack, ambiance and music overall felt fitting and pleasant. The voice acting was also quite nice.

✦Enjoyment & Overall

All things considered, I pretty much binged it few evenings, felt relaxing and soothing to watch. So yeah, I enjoyed it a lot. If you like cute girls doing cute stuff, and them just messing around in a store, gathering ingredients, tossing stuff pot and creating occasionally some weird goods that helps village life and such and occasional potions and then simply mess around, then why not.

⬛Total Score 8/10

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