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⬛Review (short ver):

⚡In a nutshell: Sussy idol stalking MC and more idols


✅A bit unique take on Idol genre with fun twist
✅Music sequences aren’t too dragged out
✅Characters and their growth is fairly nicely paced and enjoyable


❌Music itself was pretty average
❌Usual issue with CGi dancing, stiffing issues.

Review (comments/longer ver):


It’s been a while since I’ve watched any idol genre Anime. But long story short, I found this one rather enjoyable. While we had the usual idol activities in more condensed from, this Anime presented more drama focus regarding the main character and anime plot twist drama unfolding and problem solving pretty much. For the most part I found the dynamic growth and progress throughout the episodes pretty enjoyable. Not much else to say.


As mentioned, anime revolves mostly around drama about main characters, but also we do have plenty of drama about the whole idol group squad. Nothing to serious, so no bloody cat fighting. Mostly their inner peace dramas, goals and ambitions and a bit of back story drama. Growth is straightforward and simple. We do also have fairly large variety of girls and stereotypes, so waifus for everyone. For the most part I did like most of the girls. So nothing really bad to say about them.

✦Art & Sound

Aside the average CGi implementation, I did like the clean designs and Animation quality. Voice acting was top notch, they did bring in some big names to the cast as well seems. As far as music goes for the idol genre, honestly, was pretty average in my opinion. Not really my cup of tea.

✦Enjoyment & Overall

Overall I did quite enjoy it. Loved the “twist” of the story and the whole dynamic of the characters was quite enjoyable experience about this whole idol fiasco. Did enjoy the whole drama aspect of the series and were mostly satisfies how they wrapped it up. An idol Anime that was carried by it’s story twist, drama and growth. Funnily enough, an Idol anime where music was the weakest point for me. But eh… I haven’t watched much if idol genre anyways.

⬛Total Score 7/10

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