Lewd game “review” – Living Together with Your Cute Niece by “Ichie Atelier”

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Review layout:  Others

Review type:  Game

Review format:  Lewds

  Adult patch requirement:  

() Yes

(X) No


Dlsite ver


() Incoherently broken MTL/translation. Wait for better translation.

() Bad MTL/translation, but playable

() Polished enough MTL/translation

(X) Proper translation with minor issues

() Great translation / native

 1-H Playability: 

() No time for „fun“

() Lewd moments too short / irrelevant for „fun“

()Gameplay & “fun” ratio leans on gameplay too much

(X) Balanced gameplay and „fun“

() Mouse only experience


PROs & CONs:

✅ Gallery Room

✅ Post-game / NG+ cheat tools

✅ Lewd statistics

✅ Lewd sfx / voices

✅ Okay’ish kinks

✅ Solid CGI

✅ Solid scenes

❔Sleep corruption pretty much


Pretty neato H-feature wise. You do mostly sleep training during night and during daytime keep your affection and stats up. Rinse & repeat that with some events and eventually choose which degeneracy route game goes.


PROs & CONs:

✅ Fun time/split management gameplay mechanic

✅ Route selection great


Aside what I mentioned in degeneracy comments. You eventually get multiple parts of the day for 1 action on what to do. And you have to manage your actions to not lower trust & affection stat too much, plus you need to achieve certain stats and requirements to unlock specific endings. Or just finish game once and use in-game cheat room to quickly see rest of endings if you don’t want to do them yourself.

Difficulty & The Grind


Management grind only. You need use action point to work to get money to buy stuff to do stuff to her. Nuff said.

 Game length & replay value:

(X) Very Short 1-3hr

() Short 3-10hr

() The Median 10-30hr

() Long 30+ hr

() Very Long 100+ hr


() Was pain to finish once / dropped

() One run fun

(X) Few runs to see all routes / options

() High replay value

 Story & Characters & Development: 

PROs & CONs:

✅ Adroable niece / FMC

✅ Development goes way you want with multiple routes

✅ Can be wholesome, can be not so wholesome.

✅ Running setting/story is simple enough.


Wish game would be longer and offer more.

Visuals & Audio

PROs & CONs:

✅ Good artstyle

❔Didn’t pay attention to other stuff.


 Performance & Required Hardware:

(X) Stick a cable in your potato

() Low spec / average normal PC

() Have gamer PC to an extent

() High-end build

() NASA PC. likely utter garbage optimization or truly cutting edge high end

Extra Comments

Total Score:  7/10  

Game status:

(X) Finished

() Dropped

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