Lewd game “review” – Save the Subs! Magical Levantia Channel! by “Sipacon”

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✅ Great CG art
✅ Hot scenes
✅ Solid fetish selection & variety
✅ Some unique gameplay concepts
✅ Likeable FMC
✅ Gallery room
❌ Gallery unlock switch behind true ending route and with this combat this sucks balls
❌ Badly executed combat
❌ Game over CG scenes = game over = game restart day 1
❌ Maxed lust = game over = game restart day 1
❌ Scenes & her experiences don’t seem to affect “real world” whatsoever, at least didn’t feel so (only scene progression in its small world bubble)
❌ If you want effective run, expect lot of save scumming or expect lot of playthroughs
❌ Since every week = 1 boss = replaying would take long time for alternate scene hunting if you don’t get go hunt for true end and unlock scenes or save scum at proper moments.
❔ Not sure of con, but lot of defeat scenes are CG wise pretty much same, just altered dialogues, but they were good
❔ Why my CPU is cooking on main menu?

The good

The CG art is great, the main character is hot and likeable. The scenes are amazing with great fetish selection. Story is fairly straightforward and easy to digest. Gameplay offers interesting concept of magical girls getting power from their fandom, essentially power by idol ideology, thus all battles go through “streaming”. The more subs you have, the more power you have, thus do more damage and have various bonus effects. Great concept, sadly in practice how everything is executed in gameplay, it’s rather bad.

The bad

THE GOD BOLLOCKSING RNG ASPECT OF THIS GAME. There way too much of it… the world has too much stuff bound to RNG element. Whenever u trigger certain events or not, whenever you get certain items/currency or not.

World RNG I didn’t mind that much… but the damn boss fights RNG factor of them being affecting on certain skills and whenever your skills to counter them are effective enough… which is ABSOLUTELY abysmal if you hunt for “clean” run and true ending… So many fights were damn obnoxious, and certain fights bug out. I got pretty much to the end of the game, until certain boss just went from progression 0 to 100 after fight, thus making me generate 100+ lust per day…

In the end, even without RNG, finding proper combat patterns and then praying to RNG God to not fuck you over. Was simply not fun. After 2 bollocks gameovers and then reaching insta 100+ lust per day for no bloody reason. I decided to simply cheat myself a lot of good and bad followers to boost my stats and damage to easy mode rest of the fights to make true ending route still viable…. And pop -500 lust pill every day.

In conclusion

Honestly…. A game with great art and amazing use of kinks. Has great gameplay concept but HORRIBLE execution. Seriously one of those H game, where I can safely recommend to just unlock the gallery and enjoy the scenes instead… and spare the pain of RNG and the combat of this game. No clue why I tortured myself to ALMOST legit finish this game…

Total Score: 5/10
Game status:
✅ Finished

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