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+great visual style
+great gore
+fun weapon variation
+weapon style/skill selection
+very mobile gunplay
+pretty neat level design
+fun bossfights
+plenty of secrets & collectibles
+fun upbeat music


-terrain can be rather obnoxious (died a lot to terrain)
-some mobility/terrain glitches (got stuck behind nothing quite often, bounced off stuff and so on)
-pseudo story


I’ll be honest, I don’t remember how much I enjoyed original doom. But I remember it being simple 2D shooter that was rather challenging and offered plenty of guns, enemies and secrets.

This is essentially for the most part all-around upgrade. This game remains difficult, has tons of secrets, large weapon pool, simple but very mobile gunplay and so on. Although I felt story telling in this game was rather tryhard and dull.

For 1 time run, I found it rather enjoyable. Can’t be bothered to replay though, because not really my cup of tea. (think I’ve somehow “outgrown” arcade’shooters.) Got it under 10EU, so moneys worth it. For it’s genre and style it’s a good game.


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