Game “review” – The Last Hero of Nostalgaia

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Review type: Game
Review format: Normal, lazy


✅ Unique world and story
✅ Satire sense of humor that I enjoyed
✅ Gameplay feels for most part like dark souls 1
✅ Plenty of unique features
✅ World is fairly fun
✅ Unique visual design and pretty enjoyable
✅ Enjoyable 4th wall breaking and various references/parodies
✅ NPC dialogues and voice acting is pretty good


❌ Lazy world interconnection design
❌ Quest progression is even more obscure than any souls game
❌ No NG+ for easier achieve hunting
❌ Combat feels like DS1 but weapons are fairly weightless
❌ Fast travel system is lacking
❌ A lot of back-forwards running for completionist run
❌ As for writing review date game has bunch of technical issues and mishaps that need to be polished


Fairly unique soulslike. Bunch of mechanics are 1:1 to DS1 just indier. Main charm is the overall unique design of this game, satire storytelling and characters, unique artstyle, remembering system and overall oddity to it. Both visuals and sound design is pretty satisfying.

World is large and there is lot to do, but the way world is interconnected is rather lazy. Main issue with this world is no fast travel system and this game requires A LOOOOOOOOOOOOT of back-forth running if you want to hunt for 100% run.

Remembering system is essentially getting more pixelated gear, reading it’s description, finding it’s spot and essentially getting weapon upgrade in every manner. Both stat’s and visual quality upgrade. (2D sprites become 3D)

Story is obscure and entertaining with odd bunch as characters. There is a lot of meta story and 4th wall breaking, so if you enjoy such thing then it’s good. But sadly, hunting the questlines without guide is absolute nightmare.

While combat feels for the most part like dark souls 1, it is still an indie game. So it isn’t as
polished and there is not as much weight to weapons. Difficulty is fairly okay, some bosses are pretty challenging and so are some enemy types depending on your playstyle.

Also feel like lot of QoL features are missing that should be must have in this type of games at this point. Better fast-travel, NG+ for easier achievement hunting. (you have to finish I think 3 times? To get all achievements legit)

Overall, it’s fairly unique and fun game.

🌟 Total score: 7/10 🌟

Game status:
✅ Finished

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