Game “review” – AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed

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✅ VN art is great (monogatari artist I guess, looks very similar)
✅ Plenty of unique game features (whole stripping, specific clothing targeting, clothing durability etc…….)
✅ Great gag/joke element
✅ Plenty of grindable stuff and unlockables
✅ Storytelling is simple but fun enough
✅ Unique AF world (akihabara, with tons of Anime/games trailers/posters)


❌ Grindy AF
❌ Dated badly, combat was obnoxious AF for me
❌ Without some PC visual/improvement mods this game looks like utter cancer


Long story short. It’s a great fanservice game where you strip character, with fairly fun world and characters. But it has simply dated badly for me. It runs bad, it looks pretty low tier and it is simply way too oldschool grindy/unique game… Even though it offered tons of unique features for jrpg… it simply got way too dull and obnoxious too fast for me.
Do I recommend this? Maybe.. if you like odd old school jrpg games, give it a try… otherwise it simply aged badly.
I personally deemed it “okay game”, it wasn’t bad for sure but nor amazing for me either. Probably if would have played it 10 years ago I would have enjoyed it a lot more. For now… it simply felt odd / unique “indie” game that didn’t deliver good enough quality.

🌟 Total score: 6/10 🌟

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