Lewd game “review” – Nacht-sama is quitting being the demon king! by “Jizo Survival Night”

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Review format: Lewds
✅ Great artstyle and quality
✅ Human only scenes but with solid kink variety and quality
✅ Scene hunting done well (game overs & memory room takes unique approach)
✅ Bratty character gets put put in place
❔ Story takes comedic/parody aspect
❌ Non-existent gameplay (it’s essentially linear scene progressor)
❌ “Story/comedy” too bizarro for my taste
❔ FMC might not be for everyone


It’s an odd little game.. took me around a hour to fully see and enjoy everything. Let’s get the bad out of the way first. The “gameplay” … there is none, it’s essentially RPGmaker engine visual novel. You progress scenes, have few “split” points to select NPC route.. see it’s scenes, get bad end, resume “before” choice, autowin, continue. Rinse and repeat. If you decide to not lose any fights, you finish the game within 15minutes. Depending how quick of a reader you are. Game itself has silly storytelling, that I didn’t really chuckle to.. so was a miss to me regarding that. An odd way for demon lord regain her powers in a bizarro parody manner dialogues. But scenes hunting was enjoyable, seeing bratty character being tamed in quality degenerate scenes was rather hot.
What made the ero aspect unique was the whole “gallery room” or getting “bad endings” game story element itself implements to it. If you lose, plot restore you before point of loss allowing you to keep scene unlocked whilst redoing combat without loss this time. So you can go to gallery room, see the whole “I lost the battle route” IN THE GALLERY but they exiting gallery and keep playing game as you haven’t lost. It’s great use of mechanic and would be amazing use for a proper ero games. Because typically in ero games you end up managing multiple save slots of save scumming methods.

Anyhow… art style and scenes and kink variety are amazing for this short little game. Artist did great job. For scenes and art I’d give this game 8/10, but sadly game itself was rather bad. So for 30min of scene enjoyment It’s fine, but as whole, pray this artist makes his/her way to proper game.
Total Score: 5/10
Game status:
✅ Finished

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