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Review format:

⚠️NOTE: This review I’ll try to keep about vanilla game. At extra notes at the end I’ll add comments about modded experience.


Gameplay / enjoyment:

🔲Dreadfully boring / unenjoyable
🔲Rather do something else
🔲Had its moments
🔲Quite enjoyable
✅Tons of fun

Pros & Cons:
✅Very fun medieval setting survival sim
✅Solid UI for navigating building options and all other extra stats (production statistics, various prompts/warnings if someone has no worker or missing material etc….)
✅2 map options, size variations randomized seeds
✅Climate (difficulty) options
✅Disasters that you can OPT out
✅Modding support
❔More of a survival sim than just a city builder sim
❌Microing to keep village alive at later stages becomes too specific and annoying
❌Screw disasters…. they add nothing to the fun
I played it many years ago and quite enjoyed…. but I think I never got far back then as I was focusing more on building than survival. Anyhow.. this time back I somehow started playing like 12 in the afternoon and finished next day 8 o’clock morning… so yeah… very addicting game once you get your stuff running.

Mostly fun setting, climate changes affect your town, you can build and see your sims thrive in medieval setting.. and then get mass murdered by a tornado.. then you hit ALT+F4 .. yeah playing with disasters is big no from me.

Aside that I liked having the laborers menu where you could easily assign how many sims to do what. And most of stuff did give you tooltip whenever you were missing something, or sims had no work etc… plus the town hall giving you overall statistics of town is also very great touch.



🔲Hold spacebar to win (tutorial mode)
🔲No challenge particurarly (easy)
✅The middle-ground with some challenges (normal)
✅The Git Gud (medium-hard)
🔲Unnecessarily challenging (hard-very hard)
🔲Too tryhard or too much brain usage (very hard – hardcore)
Pros & Cons:
✅Mostly fairly easy to learn and get good at managing town
❔Since it has more of a survival aspect then if your pop falls to 0, you can’t do ♥♥♥♥ and have to redo the game.
❌Late game micro makes it very difficult and specific to keep going (mostly I had issues with food production, ran out of space on small map)
I played on small map and I did manage to hit the high pop cap somehow.. but for the most part even if my town was full of all food productions everywhere.. I still barely produced enough food. So basically endgame is max food production and selling stuff to buy more in food from ports.. that gated/forced method of playing becomes tedious very fast.


Game length & Re-playability:

🔲Short (~3h)
🔲The Median (~10hr)
🔲Long enough (10-30hr)
✅Long (30+ hr)
✅Very long (100+ hr)
🔲Didn’t even finish it
🔲Finishing it even once was miracle
🔲No point to re-play
🔲Nostalgia or jolly co-op
✅Few runs fun enough to try all routes/variations and unlock everything
✅Tons of replayability value

Pros & Cons:
✅Well… took a bit over 24 hours of nolifing to finish most stuff
❔Can replay endlessly on random maps and you can build differently every run
❌Once you know strats then vanilla replay value drops a lot as late-game gets specific micro gated
As said… addicting.. but you will eventually get tired of vanilla game.

Story / characters / development:

✅There is a story? Who?
🔲Lore exists, might remembered the name of protag
🔲Story exists but sucks or does not intrigue
🔲Some of these aspects had it’s moments
🔲Fairly enjoyable – did pay attention to the characters/story for the most part
🔲Very enjoyable – truly enjoyed characters/lore to a point where might had even youtubed/googled for extra info

It’s a sim.. ain’t no story.


Visuals & Audio:

🔲Your eyes/ears will rot off
🔲Fairly bad
🔲Nothing special
✅Some aspects are good
🔲Overall quite good

Pros & Cons:
✅Visual style is pleasant
✅Chill music
❔Quality ain’t nothing special

I mean stuff is clear, design/style is neat, OST is chill.. what else you need. As far I’m considered this game visuals are great enough. Not as new or triple AAA company texture quality’wise, but overall it has likeable style.


Performance / Hardware requirements:

🔲Stick a cable in your potato
🔲Can manage modern low spec
✅Average PC make-do
✅Have “gamer pc” to an extent
✅High-end PC
🔲NASA PC because game is most likely optimized like garbage or just ultra-high end set-up game

I mean it’s starts perfect…. as with most sims. The more stuff happens on your screen the more it starts to burn through your hardware…. I started with capped 100 FPS (i set it myself…) and I think I ended with like 15FPS ? (my whole small map was full of ♥♥♥♥…). So basically having high-end (probably CPU heavy game) will simply help your maintain better framerate and end game stages.


Price-worth ratio:

(full prince when bought: 19EU)
🔲Not worth even for free
✅Get on -30 to -50 % sale
🔲Get on -60 to -70% sale
🔲Get on -80 to -90% sale
🔲Full Price is okay
✅Full price if fanboy and want to throw some money in devs face.

Mainly simple “full price is okay” does not click with me as there are game’play enjoyment wise as good as this game but are simply a bit more higher quality. So basically get it on small sale.. or if you want show your love to devs then you can toss them some money as well.
Extra comments:OKAY… now I wanted to mention game with mods. I played with MEGAMOD 8 . Essentially this modpack makes your game more into sim than survival, as it adds A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of stuff you can build. Tons of new maps, difficulties, starting options, building styles, decorations, a lot more professions, some cheaty items and so on… list is long.

But once you feel done with main game.. just toss in megamod and learn everything from scratch. Get used to unreal amount of new content and then simply chillaxe.. pick a large map and do what ever the fuck you want to do.

Oh as always.. probably as usual with reviews.. some stuff I forget to mention anyhow as I write them on the go.

Total score: 9/10


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