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Review format:


Gameplay / enjoyment:

🔲Dreadfully boring / unenjoyable
🔲Rather do something else
🔲Had its moments
✅Quite enjoyable
🔲Tons of fun

Pros & Cons:
✅Great story presentation & voice acting
✅Very information rich map
✅Puzzles not too tedious
✅Map design offers plenty of shortcuts to cut down travel time
✅Lot of great degenerate mods and some useful normal mods
✅Expandable inventory!!!
✅Unlimited saves & autosaves
✅Finishing various challenges gives unlockables including inf ammo weapons
✅Creature designs fairly fun which gives combat great fun aspect + creature reaction to damage is great (wounds, dismemberment etc..)
✅Weapon upgrading, item gathering, sorting, item combination is nice and convenient
✅Solid balance of “survival” genre. Gunfights aren’t as extreme/often whilst giving you just enough time to relax for new scares. Meaning “immersion” is very solid
✅Damn love Claire in here… she looks hot and sound adorable. I liked my schoolgirl Claire mod a lot 😀 (1)
✅Tension sequence in the game you will be stuck with for a while
❔Time trial / challenge extra game modes for those who like them
❌I still managed to get lost and stuck on progression because I miss corners and my memory sucks 😀
❌Back & Forth running can become tedious
(1) I still chuckle that damn fence scene between Leon and Claire… with my schoolgirl outfit it felt so fitting as scene just felt like watching some really awkward teen romance blossom 😀

Most mentioned in pros and cons. Long story short first run was tons of fun. Managed to deal with all puzzles myself…. find safe codes, explore everything, get surprisingly jumpscared many times….. because I ended up relaxing on few occasions… when I were running back n forwards to finish up some stuff.. because zombies do have scripted spawns on various triggers. So duration of “relax” was simply long enough for me to actually relax and get jumped again.

Aside that I have to mention that I’m binging RE games.. so on lot of RE games I’m fairly tired to shoot so many bullets into zombies head before they drop. So I used mod that headshots instakilled zombels. So that made my first run much more enjoyable and meaningful. As one thing I never get used in RE games that you do have to actually avoid fights to some extent so keep your ammo.. and I’m type of gamer that likes to full clear stuff… meaning I do I want to kill every single zombie I can.


🔲Hold spacebar to win (tutorial mode)
🔲No challenge particurarly (easy)
✅The middle-ground with some challenges (normal)
✅The Git Gud (medium-hard)
🔲Unnecessarily challenging (hard-very hard)
🔲Too tryhard or too much brain usage (very hard – hardcore)
Pros & Cons:
✅Lot of difficulty options for casuals and hardcore alike
❔Challenge run game modes for those who fancy.

I played on normal with few mods, which made it much easier for me, but. I can tell from most RE games experience that this game has the action & difficulty balance in place. On harder difficulties you will be quite likely forced to play as usual in older RE games. Kite enemies…. hope you don’t run out of ammo, if do, take your knife out and pray… and avoid killing stuff if you can. Honestly…. before the headshot mod I was constantly out of ammo or borderline out of ammo. That was early on in the game and likely wouldn’t be issue later on.


Game length & Re-playability:

🔲Short (~3h)
🔲The Median (~10hr)
✅Long enough (10-30hr)
🔲Long (30+ hr)
🔲Very long (100+ hr)
🔲Didn’t even finish it
🔲Finishing it even once was miracle
🔲No point to re-play
🔲Nostalgia or jolly co-op
✅Few runs fun enough to try all routes/variations and unlock everything
🔲Tons of replayability value

Pros & Cons:
✅2 game routes for both characters
✅If you want to unlock everything and see everything you will have to do 4 runs at least.
❔on 3rd run I was getting tired of it. Got to see Claire A and Claire B, so I’m gucci
❔Extra modes / challenge runs for those who fancy…
Story / characters / development:🔲There is a story? Who?
🔲Lore exists, might remembered the name of protag
🔲Story exists but sucks or does not intrigue
🔲Some of these aspects had it’s moments
✅Fairly enjoyable – did pay attention to the characters/story for the most part
🔲Very enjoyable – truly enjoyed characters/lore to a point where might had even youtubed/googled for extra info

Pros & Cons:
✅aside cute little teenagers crush romance, storytelling was very enjoyable. In both cinematic sequences and written lore
✅Felt story that was intended to be told is presented in straightforward manner where you won’t be in state of constant confusion.


Visuals & Audio:

🔲Your eyes /ears will rot off
🔲Fairly bad
🔲Nothing special
🔲Some aspects are good
🔲Overall quite good

Pros & Cons:
✅Game fidelity / clarity is superb
✅Gore design is great
✅Very atmospheric (audio design is god tier)
✅Very solid OST
✅Little details to “examine” feature and animations on various stuff are superb and fun to look at
✅Quality of characters, world, texture, effects.. and so on simply felt superb to look at
❔facial expressions can feel odd at times. (but when they don’t in games)
Honestly… if put aside quality Claire mods.. the damn world, monster designs, character expressions, rain effects, scars and so on… were simply amazing to look at.

Performance / Hardware requirements:

🔲Stick a cable in your potato
🔲Can manage modern low spec
🔲Average PC make-do
✅Have “gamer pc” to an extent
🔲High-end PC
🔲NASA PC because game is most likely optimized like garbage or just ultra-high end set-up game

I didn’t max it all. Toned down some settings that had barely any visual difference whilst giving some framerate boost. Anyhow.. I capped my game to 100fps and it rarely dropped. Did have some micro stutters now and then, But that can easily be mods or my PC. Anyhow.. I think it ran superb for a great looking game like this. So optimization is quite likely quite good. What gear it needs… well I consider my PC high end.. so some tier of gamer pc is good enough.

Price-worth ratio: (full prince when bought: 60EU)
🔲Not worth even for free
✅Get on -30 to -50 % sale
✅Get on -60 to -70% sale
🔲Get on -80 to -90% sale
🔲Full Price is okay
🔲Full price if fanboy and want to throw some money in devs face.

Extra comments:

Eh… think no need for any extra info. Won’t give it higher score mainly because as far as “enjoyment” goes. It wasn’t as addicting as games that I dare to give 9 or 10. It’s a great one-time-wonder, but not in my “near perfection” spectrum.

Only thing to add.. that as far DLC’s go. You don’t need any… if you want modded outfits then most mods are made for the default outfit or classic outfit. Noir DLC are some good outfit mods as well. Deluxe weapon samurai edge.. is a bit better pistol..

All-item-dlc NOT ON FIRST RUN. If don’t wanna hunt yourself for stuff to unlock all legit, just get DLC to marathon through with inf ammo rest of runs.

Total score: 8/10


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