Lewd game “review” – Ambrosia by Shimobashira Workshop

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Review layout: Lazy/minimal format (STEAM)
Review type: Game
Review format: 🔞Lewds


✅ Story fair enough
✅ Better gear system that typical H-rpg games = combat fun enough
✅ Base upgrading system
✅ Costumes
✅ Artstyle is okay but cgi changes is pretty bad
✅ Plenty of scenes & fair bit of kinks
✅ Plenty of reaction changes depending on your status/look


❌ Scene Cgi variation is pretty meh


For some reason I feel like it’s my duty to review degeneracy lol. But sometimes I don’t feel like reviewing instantly so memory ain’t as fresh. This is an example…. honestly I kinda forgot about this game for most part… so took up screenshots next to me while writing. Anyhow…. it kinda has interesting story and we get pure religious girl with questionable formal shrine outfit. She is cute and her fall to debauchery is pretty fun… there was plenty of content (scenes, gameplay) and artstyle was okay. But how little Cgi changed during scenes was the biggest con IMO. Anyhow… overall it’s good enough game but I didn’t find is as memorable.

Total Score: 6/10

Game status:

✅ Finished

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