Game “review” – Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

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  • Cinematic visuals great
  • Very pleasant audio design
  • Plenty of noticeable little things that help with immersion
  • Captain Price
  • Story short and entertaining enough
  • Multiplayer is fun (and battle royale for those who like it)


  • Plot device nothing new – evil Russians, hero Muricans and terrorists from usual lands
  • More of an interactive movie campaign with some pew pew
  • System reqs are rather high if want to have smooth 60 + FPS on 2k (I did struggle now and then, mostly in MP and Warzone)
  • RTX features are pretty pointless, barely noticeable and high-performance cost
  • A lot of fade to black scenes if you shot someone who you are not supposed to


Honestly… I initially I think got this game for free or really cheap somewhere. But I mostly got it because I wanted to play multiplayer and multiplayer is actually pretty fun. Killstreaks feel much harder to earn, gunplay is fun, tools are great. Sound design is pleasant. Did try a bit warzone as well.. but I’m not really into battle royale game modes. So cannot comment on it much. Haven’t tried coop mode either.

Then few years later, I finally decided to do campaign. It’s short… the usual with CoD games. I did like expressive characters in cutscenes and the story itself was enjoyable enough. Plot device is stereotypical evil Russians, hero Americans and terrorists from the usual lands. But how It was presented plus how it milked with a bit more morally questionable things were a nice touch. Sound design was pretty impressive, reminded me of battlefield games sound stage. Some missions were more unique and interesting.

Overall, it’s one of the more enjoyable CoD games I’ve played. So, on a great sale it’s worth the buck. Full price… for me personally… naaaaaaaah

🌟 Total score: 6/10 🌟

Game status – ✅ Finished

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