Game “review” – Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation

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✅ Lot of voice characters
✅ Cute Anime girls
✅ Dungeon crawler with VN aspect
✅ A lot of dungeons & unlockables
✅ Lot of customization options
✅ Pleasant turn-based combat + lot of fancy special moves
✅ 7 endings so for those who enjoy those game you can do it multiple times
✅ Singular run game length is solid if avoid unlocking everything
✅ Combat challenge is fair enough (you can get level locked though)
❔ Didn’t play first game side by side so no clue how different they are but got bored of this one much faster
❔ Stella dungeon minigame for those who like such things
❌ Unreal amount of grind if want unlock everything….
❌ Lot of rehashed enemies & areas
❌ Scenery is pretty meh and repetitive
❌ Less interesting story than first game
❌ Game will be very long if you plan to get all achievements
❌ If you get too forwards in story w/o doing some grind you will reach a point where enemy bosses will 1 shot you
❌ Visuals pretty shitty without neptastic mod
❌ Game runs kinda potato (unstable FPS) but any hardware will suffice
❔ Not much new in comparison to first game? (I felt like playing same game thus got burnt out much faster this time around)


✅ Additional Content packs – give you extra stuff
✅ Babysitter’s Club & Uzume battle entry DLC’s – give you new characters to the roster
❔ Histy Rescue & Zapper Zero – cheat DLC, not recommended on the first run
❔ Deluxe pack – art book, OST, wallpapers etc…
❔ Giant & Mini island DLCs – farm island basically
❔ Shares Quests – extra content for high lvl characters
❔ Survival mode – extra challenge mode for colosseum


Most pros & cons are also affected by the first game comparison in some manners…

2 of DLC’s are actually good, rest are pretty much situational depending what you want or like.

Anyhow…. I played first game total of 70 hours? And it’s been now many years since then… but yeah now that I’ve picked up 2nd game it felt rather bland. Story was meh, cute characters is cute but the grindfest became much more tedious this time around. Plus pretty much whole game felt exactly like first game thus I didn’t get any sense of “discovery” anymore.. either I’m still burnt out from first game, tastes have changed or whatever.. but in the end it just means I didn’t enjoy this game as much as first one. Not even close.

Wanted to make a fashion showcase like I did by the end of the first game.. but eh… accidentally ended up in NG+ and simply lost the mood for it to replay and then make a vid.

Also the game looks pretty shitty without neptastic mod. Oh and get the retranslation project as well.. otherwise game will be filled with 9gag humor. (I didn’t like at least it).

Anyhow is it a good game? It’s solid enough to recommend it for weebs who like seeing cute girls in combat and grinding. But do I recommend it after playing the first game? No… it’s pretty much identical game with inferior storytelling.

I do hope 3rd one will have sense of awe and fun game… however many years later I decide to play that.

🌟 Total score: 6/10 🌟

Game status:

✅ Finished ‘ish (did 1 round)

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