Game “review” – Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster

Resident Evil Zero Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

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+HURRAAH you can drop items, but lose chest
+map pseudo shows dropped items
+duo character gameplay, not so lonely?
+map less tedious than RE1 as it’s not as maze
+not so annoying amount of puzzles


-story was pretty meh
-combat felt odd (aim-assist from RE1 is gone and enemies can stunlock you)
-no item storage chest
-where is horror? RE1 set atmosphere at least… this felt very weak in comparison
-fuck that frog


I’m happy i could drop items… could drop the least important items that way on the stop and progress…. didn’t do that much backtracking for items. Left mostly stuff I might need into open rooms to easily find them again if required.

Puzzles were a bit less tedious and more straightforward, had easy puzzles, had puzzles where I had to re-read notes and had few puzzles I had to do multiple times. But in the end this game had less puzzles than RE1 which I were happy about.

Combat in this game felt quite weak though, some creatures stunlocked me, didn’t allow much of kiting or avoiding. So could just tank them and shoot back.. the duo character mechanic was nice touch, didn’t use it mid-combat. Kept them in auto-battle mode. But now and then game split you apart for puzzle solving. Kinda like portal2 coop mode.

And second weak link was the atmosphere… didn’t feel much anything out of this game to be honest. Ambiance was weak, horror element was almost non existing… story didn’t intrigue much…

But overall I enjoyed this game as much I did RE1, simply this time around game wasn’t overshadowed by obnoxious map design and annoying amount of puzzles.


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