Game “review” – Resident Evil 3 Remake

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Review format:


Gameplay / enjoyment:

🔲Dreadfully boring / unenjoyable
🔲Rather do something else
🔲Had its moments
✅Quite enjoyable
🔲Tons of fun

Pros & Cons:
✅unlockables more useful this time to make another run easier
✅They improved looting, you can quickpick stuff now
✅Toss stuff in chest is faster
✅You can roll/dodge
✅Nemesis boya is fun
✅Kinky parasite
❔Not too many and not too annoying puzzles. Pro for me.
❔Back to action oriented gameplay. Good for those who prefer that over RE2 surival horror approach
❌some downgrades (gore, physics, corpses)
❌No counter-mechanic. (nade/knife). Probably because of dodge, but now if enemy grabs you get useless quicktime.
❌Not much of “atmosphere” in game in comparison to RE2rm
I loved RE2 atmosphere as it had that horror touch to it. It was slower, but much scarier. RE3 goes back to action orientation. Which is nor good or bad, it just depends what you like more. I appreciate both, but enjoyed RE2 horror element a lot more.


🔲Hold spacebar to win (tutorial mode)
🔲No challenge particurarly (easy)
✅The middle-ground with some challenges (normal)
🔲The Git Gud (medium-hard)
🔲Unnecessarily challenging (hard-very hard)
🔲Too tryhard or too much brain usage (very hard – hardcore)
Pros & Cons:
✅On normal it’s normal enough.
✅Plenty difficulty options with various changes in the game

Game length & Re-playability:

🔲Short (~3h)
✅The Median (~10hr)
✅Long enough (10-30hr)
🔲Long (30+ hr)
🔲Very long (100+ hr)
🔲Didn’t even finish it
🔲Finishing it even once was miracle
✅No point to re-play
🔲Nostalgia or jolly co-op
✅Few runs fun enough to try all routes/variations and unlock everything
🔲Tons of re-playability value

Honestly… if you want to unlock everything. you will have to do few runs. Aside difficulty changes no point much to replay.


Story / characters / development:

🔲There is a story? Who?
🔲Lore exists, might remembered the name of protag
🔲Story exists but sucks or does not intrigue
🔲Some of these aspects had it’s moments
✅Fairly enjoyable – did pay attention to the characters/story for the most part
🔲Very enjoyable – truly enjoyed characters/lore to a point where might had even youtubed/googled for extra info

Pros & Cons:
✅Story was straightforward and fun enough
✅Some rather entertaining characters with accents
❌Jill sucks balls in this game.. dunno I didn’t like her looks nor speech
Nemesis fiasco was lot of fun. While mr. X was scary chasing, Nemesis was like going on a walk with a dog who keeps pestering you. Jill was quite annoying characters in this game…

Visuals & Audio:

🔲Your eyes/ears will rot off
🔲Fairly bad
🔲Nothing special
🔲Some aspects are good
✅Overall quite good

Pros & Cons:
✅Visuals are superb as usual with few improvements
❌Sound design Immersion wise was much more inferior. (but that’s probably this is more of action than survival horror)
❌Gore, physics, corpses toned down. Stuff de-spawns… you cannot screw around with corpses on ground anymore
❌Longer distance zombies low frame rate is much more noticeable as game has lot of large open areas

Performance / Hardware requirements:

🔲Stick a cable in your potato
🔲Can manage modern low spec
🔲Average PC make-do
✅Have “gamer pc” to an extent
🔲High-end PC
🔲NASA PC because game is most likely optimized like garbage or just ultra-high end set-up game

Price-worth ratio: (full price when wrote review 60EU)

🔲Not worth even for free
🔲Get on -30 to -50 % sale
✅Get on -60 to -70% sale
✅Get on -80 to -90% sale
🔲Full Price is okay
🔲Full price if fanboy and want to throw some money in devs face.

Extra comments:

Game feels more of a story DLC than full game. Definitely not worth the price.

Total score: 6/10


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