Game “review” – Resident Evil Revelations

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+damn comedic value is great (character dialogues, ultra cheesy moments, some character dumb comments)
+fairly straightforward gameplay
+story presented like watching series
+weapon upgrading
+bosses fun enough
+some great OST
+of course how I forgot to add the best part of the game. Jills butt


-zombie design sucks
-combat feels weightless
-the scanning tool system is dumb
-felt like a rail shooter
-constantly out of ammo


Gave it borderline 6 & didn’t try raid mode.

I mean it was fun enough to not drop. Nothing extra to add…. game had few bullshit moments where I kept dying. (laser maze.. found no way / tip / map to get past it without getting hurt)

Oh forgot to add. Also 1 thing I hated was the ammo status.. I were constantly out of ammo with my guns, had even to knife now and then and few missions I just ran past everything (which I hate doing.. like killing every single zombie there is…) even tho I did headshots only and scanned always for ammo.. yet still on quite a few missions I just kept running out of ammo…


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