Game “review” – Resident Evil VII


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Review type: Game
Review format: Normal
Gameplay: PROs & CONs:
✅ “Open-ended“ exploration / locked door progression.
✅ Great atmosphere
✅ The damn „tape“ flashback type of moments were lot fo fun
✅ Very enjoyable level design
✅ Fun „boss fights“
❔ Survival gameplay / ammo is scarce (those who like it)
❌ Scripted events can be really awkward. (1)
❌ FOV !! God even on max FOV this game feels so damn tight
❌ Some enemies somewhat stunluck you which is annoying
(1) On quite occasions enemy from clean/empty corner just warped in my face.
Difficulty & Grind:

Well at least there is no grind. Fairly linear story presentation type of game. But I did have some difficulties now and then with boss fights. Those had their challenge. And most annoying part for me that I did run out of ammo quite often, even if I did head-shots only. So I had to start stabbing enemies.. and I kill everyone. So at some point I gave up on legit ammunition, had no patience to do poke and run gameplay nor planned to ignore enemies.
Other than that probably playing through twice is enough to see and get most of the stuff.
Game length & replay value:

🔲 Very Short 1-3hr
🔲 Short 3-10hr
✅ The Median 10-30hr
🔲 Long 30+ hr
🔲 Very Long 100+ hr
🔲 Was pain to finish once / dropped
🔲 One run fun
✅ Few runs to see all routes / options
🔲 High replay value
Story & Characters & Development:

PROs & CONs:
✅ Love that ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ crazy family
✅ Proper storytelling & mystery
✅ Lot of stuff gets answers and fairly unexpected twists
✅ Main characters are also solid enough
✅ Multiple endings on main game and some DLC
Visual & Audio:

PROs & CONs:
✅ Aesthetic style is pleasing
✅ Charater model & animations are great
✅ Sound is fairly atmospheric
✅ Lit opening & credits music
❌ Some area visuals / textures look like garbage
❌ Facial expressions of characters can be awkward
Coming from re2/3 remake this feels so bad at times.
Performance & Required Hardware:🔲 Stick a cable in your potato
🔲 Low spec / average normal PC
✅ Have gamer PC to an extent
🔲 High-end build
🔲 NASA PC. likely utter garbage optimization or truly cutting edge high end
For most part it ran quite good. I capped game to 100fps and it rarely dipped.

✅ Banned Footage vol1 –Gives you 2 challenge modes. One of them is zombie survival where you gather points, unlock doors for points, activate traps, buy survival gear. Other is „escape room“ type of puzzle to escape. Tried both once, they were okay.
✅ Banned footage vol2 – Get for max 2 more challenge modes. A torture blackjack and puzzle survival escape of what happened to the family. Card game got old fast… was okay but eh not into card games. Daughters was fun enough. Although I stopped it because game bugged out in main lobby. Mom was just running into corner. Also you get Jacks birthday event. Which is janky and fun, you run around gather foods and feed him. Did 3 levels, felt I’ve seen enough. Good for those who like simple janky stuff.
❔Ethan must die is I think base game extra DLC, but basically another challenge run.
✅ Not A Hero – free DLC – Chris became Raiden. Was pretty fun action oriented extra mission.
✅ End of Zoe – Badass redneck punching way through zombies and nature. I also loved in this DLC how easy it was to spot items you need to pick
Price-worth:Full price when wrote review:30 EU
🔲 Not worth even for free
🔲 Get on -80% to -90% sale
🔲 Get on -60% to -70% sale
✅ Get on -30% to -50% sale
🔲 Full price is fair enough
🔲 Full price if want to throw extra funds to devs face
Extra comments: If you buy get gold edition for 15eu. You get all worthwhile dlcs from there. Probably my 2nd most liked RE game so far. RE2 RM being first.
🌟 Total score: 🌟 8/10

Game status:
✅ Finished

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