Lewd game “review” – President Yukino [Acerola]

Steam new review layout for lewd games
“My reviews & scorings explained”[desozone.wordpress.com]. W.I.P Will not include this sentence in reviews once my review format is finalized and blog updated.


Review format:

💗Adult patch required?💗
Kagura free patch from kagura site..

💗One-handed playability💗
🔲 Too busy playing the game than enjoying the H aspect
🔲 Lewd scenes / moments too short for “fun”
☑️ Handsy, alternation between gameplay and “fun”
🔲 Mouse is all you need
🔲 Long self-playing scenes.


🔲Very broken translation or horrid MTL..wait for better
🔲Bad MTL but playable
🔲Solid MTL with manual polishing
☑️Proper translation with few issues
🔲Very good translation

💗Degeneracy level:💗 (kinks amount/variety, scenes amount/variety, other degen features)

🔲Not much to it, few kinks, otherwise barebones (not even gallery room)
🔲Scenes are great, not much else
🔲Lot of scenes but low variety
🔲Few scenes but lot of variety
✅A lot of scenes & variety
🔲Lot of everything and good degen extra features (proper gallery/cheat room, “stats” screen, various interactions)
Pros & Cons:
✅Lot of scenes
✅Plenty of kinks
✅Neat stats screen
✅Some macroing depending on what state you want FMC to be
✅Lot of freedom on lewds
✅Most if not all is doable in 1 run
✅ FMC in scenes fully voiced
❔ focus on NTR/cucking . Pro for those who like it
❌Even though there is a lot of cgi . Scenes themselves have only few sprite changes
❌Gallery in main menu..

Gameplay / enjoyment:

🔲Dreadfully boring / unenjoyable
🔲Rather do something else
🔲Had its moments
✅Quite enjoyable
🔲Tons of fun

Pros & Cons:
✅Kinda like sandbox part-time adventure game
✅Goal is simple and targets are easy to find
✅Depending of character status stuff changes

Difficulty & The grind:

🔲The “auto” gameplay. You don’t do jackshit
🔲The stroll. Fairly linear presentation.
✅The sport. You get lewds fairly easy and often, thus keeping you busy.
🔲The balance. Some lewds require a bit more effort but is worth it
🔲Noone cares. Some lewds are pointlessly difficult to achieve
🔲There are better options. Too tedious for lewds..rather play something else
🔲Too grindy
✅Some grind
🔲Minimal grind
🔲No grind

Game length & Re-playability:

🔲Short (~3h)
✅The Median (~10hr)
🔲Long enough (10-30hr)
🔲Long (30+ hr)
🔲Very long (100+ hr)
✅Didn’t even finish it
🔲Finishing it even once was miracle
🔲No point to re-play
🔲Nostalgia or jolly co-op
🔲Few runs fun enough to try all routes/variations and unlock everything
🔲Tons of replayability value

The setting / characters / development:

🔲Nothing worthwhile. Plastered setting and rando protag.
✅Running mainstory & character with some backstory, but is just filler content for lewds
✅Mainstory & FMC char is actually solid enough for some context
🔲Proper storytelling & development for a lewd game
🔲Story has setting but is useless whilst FMC “development” is solid. Or opposite.
🔲Did enjoy it as whole package. Running “story” was enjoyable, FMC I liked, and her “development” was fun

Pros & Cons:
❔Megaton breast size. I did not like it.
❌God FMC is dumb AF

CG / scene quality & Voice acting:

🔲Your eyes/ears will rot off
🔲Fairly bad
🔲Nothing special
🔲Some aspects are good
✅Overall quite good
CG and overall art was overall quite pleasant. I just didn’t like FMC megaton breast size.. main reason I dropped it.

Performance / Hardware requirements:

🔲Stick a cable in your potato
✅Can manage modern low spec
🔲Average PC make-do
🔲Have “gamer pc” to an extent
🔲High-end PC
🔲NASA PC because game is most likely optimized like garbage or just ultra-high end set-up game

Price-worth ratio: (full price when wrote review: 12.49EU)

🔲Not worth even for free
✅Get on -30 to -50 % sale
🔲Get on -60 to -70% sale
🔲Get on -80 to -90% sale
🔲Full Price is okay
🔲Full price if fanboy and want to throw some money in devs face.

Extra comments:

Honestly. If you into dumb FMC with giga-breasts and no usual RPGmaker combat grind. Then check this game out…

🌟🌟Total score: 6/10🌟🌟


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