Lewd game “review” – Magical Girl Celesphonia by “Shimobashira Workshop”

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✅ Great & Hot artstyle
✅ Fun story
✅ Great Cgi alteration
✅ Tons of outfits
✅ Tons of great flavor text that changes depending on your state/outfit/stats (NPC changes, the log type text etc..)
✅ Tons of fetishes
✅ Well done 3 stage corruption (which means that most events have 3 tiers of CGI events depending on corruption state. So those games are recommended to play that you see stage 1 event everywhere first then stage 2. Otherwise it will make chain of events/corruptions feel very unnatural (i.e see 3rd stage event and be utter slut, then move to another place and see first event where FMC is very reluctant & against the perversion)
✅ Tons of scenes
✅ Degeneracy route makes game rather easy & not too grindy
✅ Quest log tips
✅ Everything can be unlocked in 1 run
✅ Midcombat Cgi scenes are great
✅ Curses/parasites/hypnosis effects & permanent changes
✅ Everything you get through effects or so, you can do manually endgame (set corrupted gear you want/have a pet that puts parasite in you etc….)
✅ Also likeable FMC and her sidekick
✅ Game over mechanic done beautifully. (you get game over scene then game allows you to return moment before game over)
✅ Tons of skills which I usually don’t like, but it was done a in a fun manner. (you equip engraves that give you abilities & give you passives)
✅ Lots of fun unique items
✅ Beautiful degeneracy stats screen
✅ Equipment offers lot of different stats and unique perks
✅ Lot of unique game assets
✅ Long but addicting RPGM game (Think took me around 30 hours to 100% pretty much all of it, had few breaks now and then as don’t have stamina for such content rich H game :D)
✅ Most stuff you expect to have in H-rpg game, is in the game and a lot can be unlocked/bought ingame
✅ Secrets (areas, bosses, equipment)
✅ Difficulty options (I played on normal)
✅ Finishing game also unlock gallery unlock item you can buy
❔ Surprisingly game has birthing system as well but is more of a flavor thing than actual game content, but yet still you can get pregnant and you can deal with the child accordingly (I filled my Memoria area with kids)
❔ Get the usual kagura patch
❔ Extra „special“ slots mod is also recommended


❌ Pure route seems to be a lot grindier as per usual with these sorts of games (as corrupted gear is pretty much superior in most cases, aside the finale where you get ultimate synthesis equipment)
❌ The 3 stage corruption ain’t my favorite as it’s usually steep, but this one was well made (progressive slow corruption needs to have story heavy & very different gameplay approach)
❌ The final, final boss boss area warp point for some reason can’t be activated before fighting the boss (in others areas could) so I’m guessing it’s simply a mess up on development part
❌ Kinda feel that for sake of argument cheat tools after beating game once would been nice (mostly for gold & soul currency) But at the same time end-game farming for souls & money is fairly easy.
❌ Also miss that no visually shown images body part’s „level“ on stat screen
❔ The Item database/glossary felt a bid odd. Most of mob drops and locations were marked but some stuff I had to open „truemechasonic celesphonia notes“ to find some materials endgame


Bloody hell, this game was exhausting to finish. Something might fall off. Anyhow… this game goes 100% to my favorites. I enjoyed the fuck out of it. There was simply so much properly done regarding gameplay and the degeneracy element. Plus I loved the artsyle & FMC which made it much hotter.
Honestly… skill system made the typical H-rpg turned based combat a lot more fun. I also did read most dialogues and actually paid attention to story as it was rather enjoyable magical girl plot.
The degeneracy stats & title screen was also beautiful to look at and eventually hunt for.
I played on normal so didn’t have to tryhard with combat. Few fights offered some challenge, didn’t just mash Z . And the most effort I had to put in was the final, final boss. Where I grinded for some materials to make endgame gear + hunt for some special items to counter boss. So „normal“ I found a good balance.
A good game, a good fap. What else can I say. I consider this one of the best H-RPGm games I’ve played.

Total Score:🌟10/10🌟


Game status:✅ Finished

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